Soundcore Life P3 vs Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro vs Soundlife Life A2 NC

So what’s the difference between the Soundcore Life P3 vs Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro? And where do the Soundcore Life A2 NC fit in? Refer to the comparison tables below!

TL/DR: The Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro have the best sound quality, but the Soundcore Life P3 have 3 new features: Gaming Mode, Find Earbud feature, and Superior Sleep (white noise generator). However, the Life P3 lack auto-pause (when removed) and Hear ID. The Life A2 NC do not have any of these features, but still feature long battery life and great Active Noise Cancellation

Comparison Chart for Soundcore Life P3

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  • Description
  • Brand/Store
  • Availability
  • User Rating
  • Review
  • Headphones
  • Battery Life (hours)
  • Bluetooth Version
  • Charging Port
  • Headphone Style
  • Ideal for
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Transparency Mode
  • Water Resistance Rating
  • Wireless Charging
  • Specification
  • Warranty
  • Color
  • Part Number
  • Model
  • Release Date

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