SmartBB S805 Streaming Android TV Box Review

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On July 21, 2015
Last modified:July 29, 2015


The flexibility and customization options of the Android operating system makes this HD streaming box ideal for power users in their pursuit to cut the cord. It also includes gaming capabilities with the optional game controller.

If you’re familiar with the Android operating system and want some more flexibility in a streaming HD box in your pursuit of cutting the cord, this S805 Android TV Box from SmartBB can come in handy. It not only streams HD video, but can also be used to play games as well.


  • Android on the big screen: You probably already know that there are plenty of streaming video apps for Android, like Netflix. So instead of watching them on your phone’s small screen, you can now enjoy them on your main TV thanks to this box. It’s basically an Android phone without a built-in screen. Instead, it has an HDMI out to connect to your TV.
  • TV-friendly interface: The box boots into a large interface suitable for the TV screen. You can customize the entertainment and music apps that appear in this interface. There is also a link to the Google Play store that allows you to install additional apps.
  • Entertainment-centric: This box has its own menu system which makes it easy to navigate on a TV screen. The included remote control allows you to explore the different options and many entertainment apps are already loaded, such as Kodi (XBMC) and Netflix.
  • Game controller: I have the unit that includes a game controller, and this opens up a large library of entertainment. The included “Eagle Games” app directs you to compatible games with a built-in directory organized by category (like Action and RPG). Upon first use of Eagle Games, the on-screen instructions guide you through the pairing process (although it did take me a couple attempts to get it linked up). The controller uses a standard Micro USB to recharge.
  • HDMI cable included: I was surprised to find an HDMI cord is included with this box (that wasn’t the case with my Apple TV).


  • App crashes: I did experience some random app crashes, especially with the Eagle Games app.


  • USB Keyboard: I was able to connect a USB keyboard I had laying around to one of the USB ports on the box, which made logging in and typing passwords much easier.

Overall, this is a great way to enjoy some of your Android video and game apps on your TV screen. While there are some bugs, I did find the interface to be responsive and app loading times were fairly quick.

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