Skiva PowerVault MFi-Certified Power Bank Review

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On March 21, 2015
Last modified:June 6, 2015


An excellent power bank that has a Lightning connector and Micro USB cable built-in. However, it may not fit all iPhone cases.

I typically need to throw some charging cables in my pocket when I bring an external battery pack with me, but that’s not necessary with the Skiva’s PowerVault. It has everything built-in.


  • Built-in Lightning cable: The Lightning adapter is Apple MFi-certified for maximum compatibility with iPhones. It is built-in to the cap of the unit, so there’s no cable to lose. I did not receive and errors while using it.
  • Built-in Micro USB cable: This power bank can also recharge Android devices with the built-in Micro USB cable.
  • Built-in USB adapter: You can recharge the power bank itself by using the USB adapter under the cap. Just plug it into a computer or any USB wall charger to recharge the power bank. If it’s too big to fit, Skiva includes a USB extension cable.
  • Super convenient: I really like that everything you need to use this power bank is built-in to the unit. There’s no cables to lose while you’re traveling.
  • 2,600mAh of power: This is enough to power to provide a full recharge to my iPhone 5S. It can also be used to charge an iPad, but it would only provide a partial charge as the iPad battery is larger than 2,600mAh.


  • iPhones in a case: Since the Lightning adapter is built-in to the cap, it will likely not fit into most cases that create a lip around the charging port. I was able to get it to work with my AmazonBasics TPU case by turning the cap a certain way, but if you have a large case on your iPhone, you’ll likely need to remove it before you can use this charger.

Overall, I really like this power bank as everything I need to use it is built-in, so I don’t need to carry extra cables in my pocket. I was also really happy that it worked with my slim TPU case on my iPhone, although I can see most other cases being an issue. The inclusion of a built-in Micro USB cable is also a nice bonus as well.

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