Skiva PowerFlow SmartQuad Charger Review

Keeping all of your gadgets charged can be a challenge. Skiva’s PowerFlow SmartQuad charger brings fast charging to all your devices.


  • Lots of power: There are many multiple port chargers, but some of them split a maximum of 8 amps among 5 ports, which means not all ports will receive 2 amps of power. This Skiva PowerFlow charger has 4 ports that are all high powered. So you can connect 4 tablets requiring 2.4 amps of power each, and all 4 tablets would receive the 2.4 amps at the same time.
  • Well-spaced ports: If you need to charge something with a built-in USB plug or something with a short cord, you’ll be happy to find that the 4 ports are well spaced apart with two in the front and one port on each side. You won’t need to crowd your devices together.
  • Works with phones, too: The smart identification chips used in the unit can also work with smartphones and other devices only requiring 1 amp of power to charge.
  • 2 prong plug: I like that the two prong plug easily fit on a power strip without blocking other outlets.
  • Safety: While the unit became warm while in use, it did not get very hot. The unit also has certifications for RoHS, FCC, and CE.


  • Size: The unit is somewhat larger than other multi-port USB chargers I’ve used, but I imagine that this is due to the additional power output.

Overall, this is a great charger that can handle 4 tablets and charge them at full speed at the same time. I also like that the ports are spaced out instead of crowded together in a row.

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available, but check out some other Skiva chargers.


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