Sbode Bluetooth Headphones Review

Sbode Bluetooth Headphones Review

$23.99 $67.99

Sbode Bluetooth Headphones Review
Sbode Bluetooth Headphones Review
$23.99 $67.99
Very good sound quality
Sweat resistant
7 hours of battery life on average


In my opinion, these earbuds with the wrap-around-the-ears design is one of the best option for runners as it really helps with keeping them secure. This also allows me to pop them out slightly so I can hear the traffic around me.

I also like the fact that the controls are on the right earbud, so there is no inline remote to whack me in the face and add weight to the cord.

I found the cord to be a little shorter than other similar earbuds, which I found to be more convenient as the cord tends to tug on the earbuds less.  There is a small cord management clip included if you find that they are too long.

Sound Quality

When these earbuds are pressed securely into your ear canal, the bass become very pronounced.  These earbuds tend to favor low frequencies and the music can sound “muddy” at times.  The highs don’t come through clearly with most types of music, but overall music is still very enjoyable on these earbuds especially at this price point (around $20-$25 at the time of this review).

If you’re buying these mainly for the gym and working out, you will likely be satisfied with the sound performance.  If you’re an audiophile and you’re purchasing these to listen to while lounging, you may be left expecting more in terms of sound quality.



You can control the volume of your music by tapping the + and – buttons on the top of the right earbud.  You can play and pause by tapping the power button on the side of the right earbud. This will also answer a call if you’re phone is ringing. Holding down the power button for two seconds activates Siri/Google Assistant and holding it down longer powers the earbuds on and off.

The earbuds feature an IPX7 sweat resistant rating.  I have not noticed any issues with sweat at this point, but only time will tell.  I’ll be sure to update my review if anything changes.

The earbuds do feature an APTX chip for enhanced sound-quality with compatible phones (sadly, the iPhone does not support APTX).

The earbuds come with a nice carrying case, a Micro USB charging cable and additional eartips in order to accommodate a wide range of ear sizes.

Battery Life

I got about 6.5-7 hours of battery life from Sbode Bluetooth headphones.  This is plenty of time for the gym and for long runs.  They are easily recharged with a Micro USB cable.

Maintenance: Here are some tips I’ve gathered from my own personal use and from some other users for extending the life of these headphones:

  1. Don’t charge them overnight. If possible, take them off the charger after 2 hours or as soon as they’re charged. Smaller earbuds sometimes don’t have the same overcharging protection as larger units do, so prolonged charging can wear out the battery quickly.
  2. Dry off the earbuds with a towel after each use.
  3. Make sure the flap is completely on the charging port to keep out sweat and moisture.
  4. If you find that the cord is sticking to your neck and causing strain on the earbuds when you turn your head, consider getting a small clip to secure the cord to your shirt collar.


8.7 Total Score

The Sbode Bluetooth headphones are comfortable to wear and have very good sound quality, although it does tend to overemphasis low frequencies. The controls are conveniently located on the right earbud and they average around 7 hours of battery life per charge.

Sound Quality
Battery Life
  • Very good sound quality
  • Sweat resistant
  • 7 hours of battery life on average
  • Music can sound "muddy"
  • Cannot hear surroundings
Technically Well
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