RAVPower Solar Panel Review

If you like spending a lot of time outdoors (which hopefully you do if you’re reading this blog!) and you want to keep your tech powered up, you may have considered a solar charger.  I reviewed a smaller solar charger before, but today I’m checking out the larger RAVPower 15W Dual-Port charger. Because how many of us carry around just one device?


  • Two connectors: it was not apparent which one was for tablets (2A) and which one is for smartphones (1A), so I asked the manufacturer for clarification. They informed me that the solar panel can provide 3A total which is split between the two ports. Therefore, if one device is using 2A, then the other connected device will get 1A. If you are only charging a tablet and nothing else, you can connect it to either port.
  • Both ports are “smart” and can adapt to your device’s charging requirements (for example, your phone will only pull 1A even though either port can supply 2A).
  • I was able to charge my phone even when it was cloudy outside, although charging was slower than it was when I tested it on a sunny day.
  • The unit is well made with high quality solar panels and heavy nylon fabric holding everything together.
  • Charging ports are located in a pouch that also allows you to store your device out of direct sunlight.
  • Unit has four reinforced holes for hanging the panels with the included carabiners.


  • Providing this much power requires large solar panels, so some people may find the item bulky and too large to hang from a backpack while hiking. However, it does fold up for easy transport.

Overall, I’m impressed with the high quality solar cells used in this RAVPower unit and the heavy nylon fabric used to bring everything together. The second USB port is a nice bonus and you can optionally use an external battery to store the charge for later use (external batteries are not included).

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