Preview: Anker Karapax Touch iPhone X Case


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Preview: Anker Karapax Touch iPhone X Case
Preview: Anker Karapax Touch iPhone X Case
Soft and smooth feel
Wide port openings
Raised camera opening
Air cushioned corners

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The iPhone X will soon be upon us and luckily we’re able to prepare for its arrival as Anker’s sister brand — Karapax — already has a case ready and waiting.


The Karapax Touch case features a semi-transparent, dark matte finish.  It still allows you to see a silhouette of the Apple logo on the back and the curves compliments Apple’s designs.

I’m happy to see a large opening on the bottom for the charging port.  This allows you to use third-party Lightning accessories which isn’t always possible with a case on your phone (in particular, a LifeProof case).

There are small “air cushions” on each interior corner of the case. If you phone were to fall and land on the corner — which almost guarantees a cracked screen — the corner can absorb some of the impact and decrease the likelihood of a damaged display.

The camera opening is also raised to help protect the two lenses of the iPhone X when you lay it down on its back.


The “Touch” series of Karapax’s cases are not as robust or heavy duty as the likes of Otterbox.  For that, you’ll want to look at the Shield line of cases.

However, the Touch provides a nice balance between protection and minimalistic design.  It helps complement the design of the iPhone while protecting from scratches, dings and small drops.  However, the case is very flexible, including the back, so it will not provide protection from heavy bending.


The Karapax Touch uses a smooth TPU material.  I actually prefer TPU cases to silicon as silicon cases tend to attract dirt and pocket lint and can be struggle to remove from my pocket due to the tackiness. TPU tends to stay cleaner and it slides easily in and out of my pocket.

The one downside of TPU is its tendency to “yellow” over time, but Anker has used a special anti-yellowing property for the Karapax Touch.  Only time will tell, but any yellowing would be minimized anyways due to the dark color of this case.

I know the iPhone X hasn’t been release yet, but remember that Anker offers an 18-month warranty. So if for some reason there is an issue with this case and the final version of the iPhone X, Anker will take care of you.

8.7 Total Score

The Touch lives up to its name by feeling very soft and smooth to the touch. The port opening is wide enough for third-party Lightning cables. However, the Touch won't provide the level of protection of more heavy duty options.

  • Soft and smooth feel
  • Wide port openings
  • Raised camera opening
  • Air cushioned corners
  • Won't protect from high drops or heavy bending
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