Potensic FPV RC Quadcopter Review

The Potensic Quadcopter has a built-in WiFi camera so you can watch your flight in real-time. It also comes with a second battery to help extend the runtime.


  • Durable: My first flight with the quadcopter was on a breezy day and once the quadcopter got high enough in air, the wind took it. My own fault, I know, but I was impressed in both the range of the controls (which allowed me to keep it in the air long enough to go over a roadway) and that it was still in one piece once it took a hard landing in the grass. Now I’m not saying that you can just crash the quadcopter every time you’re done flying, but I was impressed how well it held up.
  • WiFi camera: The quadcopter broadcasts its own WiFi network while it’s on, which you can connect to from your phone. Download the app and you watch the video stream from your quadcopter in real time. The video quality is OK even though it’s not in HD. You can still get some nice shots and footage with the camera. See my attached video review for examples.
  • Propeller protectors: I’m somewhat new at flying drones (if not obvious from my first point), so I appreciate the plastic protectors surrounding the outside of the propellers. Since I occasionally graze other objects (and the ground), I’m happy to see that this quadcopter is a very forgiving of my rookie mistakes.
  • Controls: I found the controls easy to use, even for a beginner, and there are a lot of customization options for advanced users. The trimming adjustments also help correct the quadcopter if it tends to move in one directions, and there are additional modes such as “headless” mode and different speeds for seasoned pilots.
  • Phone holder: The remote also has a holder for your phone, so you can watch the video stream in realtime.
  • Extra battery: An extra battery is also included with the quadcopter, so you can keep the fun going after the first battery is finished.
  • Flip trick: You can tap the top right button while flying to perform a flip trick. Just make sure the quadcopter is high enough in the air before attempting it.


  • Video quality: As noted earlier, the camera is not in HD and the resolution is a little low. Since it’s WiFi, the video can also come out choppy due to interference.
  • Battery life: Flying time from each battery is around 10 minutes, so you’ll definitely want to bring along the second battery.

Overall, I’m having a lot of fun with this drone and enjoy learning the controls and tricks. I also like checking out my videos and pictures afterwards.

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— Sample provided for review

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