Pokemon Go Now Counts Steps from Apple HealthKit and Google Fit

Pokemon Go added a new “Adventure Sync” feature that works in the background to import steps from Apple Health and Google Fit about once an hour.  This allows players to earn candies and hatch eggs even when the game is closed, which has a much less significant on the phone’s battery.

Players can enable the features by following these steps:

  • Open Pokemon Go
  • Go to Settings
  • Check the “Adventure Sync” option
  • Allow prompts for Apple Health/Google Fit and location services

Players will also see a new Adventure Sync rewards section on the player profile screen that tracks their weekly progress:


At the launch of the feature, the rewards are (subject to change):

5 km rewards

  • 20x Poke Ball

25 km rewards

  • 20x Poke Ball
  • 10x Great Ball
  • And either:
    5000 Stardust
    or 5 KM egg

50 km rewards

  • 20x Poke Ball
  • 10x Great Ball
  • 5x Ultra Ball
  • And one of these:
  • 15000 Stardust
  • or 5000 Stardust and 10 KM egg
  • or 10 KM egg and 1 Rare Candy
  • or 10,000 Stardust and 1 Rare Cand


Based on some Redditor comments, here are some notes on how the feature works:

  • Steps from walking seem to import fine, but steps from running are hit or miss.
  • Unfortunately, FitBit is not directly supported. Some players using a FitBit import utility report that they do not receive full credit for their steps.
  • You do not need a data connection or GPS signal to earn steps.  If you’re hiking without cell service, for example, the steps will sync into Pokemon GO the next time you have a data connection.

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