Pixnor LED Bluetooth Speaker Review

Enjoy your music with an LED light show. The Pixnor LED Bluetooth speaker is surrounded in LEDs like the JBL Pulse, but without the high price tag.


  • LED lights: This Bluetooth speaker is surrounded by an LED light show! You can check out the 5 different light modes in my video. Two of the modes react to the music, while the other 3 just display a soothing pattern.
  • Sound quality: While the LED lights are cool, sound quality is obviously one of the most important aspects of a Bluetooth speaker. And this speaker does not disappoint. Music sounds great, gets loud, and has good range. Bass is there, too, but it sounds best if you sit the speaker up against the wall to help direct the bass out towards you. Sound quality may be a notch below the JBL Flip 2 speaker, but this speaker costs less and puts on a great light show.
  • Micro SD card support: If I’m having a party, I don’t want my phone to be linked up to a Bluetooth speaker the entire evening (nobody wants to hear my phone calls or text notifications). With this speaker, I can instead load up a Micro SD with music files, insert them in this speaker, and play them directly. This way, my phone is not needed to keep the music going.
  • Micro USB charging: This speaker uses a standard Micro USB cable for charging, so there’s no special charger to keep track of.
  • Controls: I like that the music navigation and volume adjustment buttons are separate and are located conveniently on the front of the unit.


  • Size: This speaker is taller than many other Bluetooth speakers I’ve used, which makes me wary of it tipping over easily during a party. However, the extra height does mean that there are more LEDs for the light show. Sitting up against a wall also enhances the sound while helping to prevent tip overs.

Overall this is one Bluetooth speaker that not only looks great, but sounds great as well. The LED light show is sure to entertain guests (and myself as well)!

Pixnor LED Bluetooth Speaker

— Sample provided for review

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