Perk TV: Earn Amazon Gift Cards for Simply Watching Videos

The web is full of advertisements.  If you ever watched a YouTube video or a TV show on Hulu (even if you paid for a subscription), you’ve likely seen video ads on the internet.  Since you’re watching them already, why not earn Amazon gift cards for doing so?

PerkTV is an application you install on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android device that streams app and movie trailers.  While learning about new apps and movies hitting the big screen soon, you earn points that can be redeemed for not just Amazon gift cards, but for other merchants as well, such as Target, GameStop, Adidas, Nike, Applebee’s and more!

Every Monday, Perk cashes out your points and emails the gift card codes to you.  What could be easier than firing up an app and watching some trailers to earn some serious rewards?  Save up your gift cards for that new FitBit you’re eying up, or maybe for some new hiking gear!

  Sign-up for Perk TV with this link and start off with 100 extra points!

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