OpenRock Pro Headphones Review

OpenRock Pro earbuds

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OpenRock Pro Headphones Review
OpenRock Pro Headphones Review
$129.99 $149.99
Great sound with good bass
Long battery life
No band going behind your head

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These earbuds might remind you of the AfterShokz bone conduction earbuds, but without the band going behind your head, and also these do not have bone conduction technology. These earbuds have tiny speakers that sit outside of your ear canal to deliver the music. This keeps your ears open so you can still hear what is going on around you. You can think of them as simply adding background music to your environment when you put them on.

OpenRock Pro earbuds


Testing these against the AfterShokz bone conduction headphones, I noticed that the bass response is significantly better on the OpenRock, making music sound fuller and more well balanced than the AfterShokz. That’s pretty cool, considering that these earbuds aren’t really going in your ear.

OpenRock Pro vs AfterShokz

They are ideal for people who want to listen to music while engaging in outdoor activities, such as running or hiking, because they make it easier to stay aware of your surroundings. I found the earbuds to be very lightweight and comfortable to wear while working out.

As anyone that has taken a phone call while wearing noise cancelling headphones can attest to, these open earbuds also make it much easier and more natural-sounding to talk to people while wearing them. Since they’re not sealing your ear shut, you don’t feel like you’re under water when speaking.

OpenRock Pro on top of the AfterShokz headphones

If you need to make a phone call, there are microphones built into the earbuds and they use cVc 8 technology to help filter out ambient noise and focus on your voice. Check out my video review below for an example of the microphone recording.

Battery Life

Battery life is impressive with up to 19 hours of playback and 46 hours total with the charging case. The earbuds are sweat resistance with an IPX5 rating.

OpenRock Pro with charging case

Video Review

9.2Expert Score

The OpenRock Pro earbuds sound great with more bass than the AfterShokz bone conduction headphones. They are ideal for working out and other situations when you need to hear what is going on around you. They feature an impressive 19 hour battery life on a single charge.

  • Great sound with good bass
  • Long battery life
  • No band going behind your head
  • Earbuds and case are somewhat bulky (these probably won’t fit in your jeans pocket)

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