One of My Favorite Fitness Apps: Digifit

One of My Favorite Fitness Apps: Digifit

Most “fitness” apps in the App Store only track running when it can be traced by your phone’s GPS.  Believe it or not, people actually exercise indoors, too!  Digifit is for those of us who actually do more than just run outside.

Update: Since the release of the Apple Watch, I find myself using the watch’s native workout app and really don’t use Digifit any longer.

To get the most benefit out of Digifit, you will need to pair it with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor.

So why do I like Digifit?

  • You can setup custom dashboards: Your phone’s screen can show the stats that are most important to you while you’re working out.  You can even customize these dashboard based on the activities you are doing (for example, you can have one dashboard for biking and another for weight lifting).  My dashboard shows:
    • My current heart rate (which is handy to tell if I’m working hard enough)
    • Number of calories burned so far
    • Total workout time
    • The current time (so I can tell if it is soon time to leave for work)
  • You can track weight training: Once you have the heart rate monitor on your chest, you can watch your heart rate jump up during your reps.  You’ll also have a total calorie count that you can use to brag to your friends on social media.
  • It works great for P90X: I was surprised to find that you really can burn over 600 calories if you work hard enough.  And when you work out that hard, you of course need to brag about it, which is easy with Digifit, because…
  • It has a lot of sharing options: After your workout, you can post your results to Facebook and Twitter which is fairly standard.  However, you can also send your workouts to RunKeeper, Dailymile, and Training Peaks.  You can also email a CSV or TCX file of your workout to yourself.  And finally, your workouts automatically post to Apple’s Healthkit.
  • Digifit Heart Rate Graph

    It’s easy to see the rest periods between sets with Digifit’s heart rate graph.

    It provides a nice heart rate graph of your workout: You can track when you are working your hardest with the nice heart rate graphs that Digifit supplies, both in real-time while you’re using the app, and on their website after you finish.

  • And, yes, it can track outdoor runs, too: It has the same mapping capabilities of the other apps.

Digifit works out great for me, as most of my friends use Runkeeper and I can easily share my indoor Digifit workouts with them.  I know that Runkeeper recently introduced a similar indoor tracking feature, but I still prefer the nice dashboard customizations that Digifit provides.  And I like that I can use it to record basically anything that gets my heart pumping, whether it is the elliptical, P90X, or a weight routine at the gym.

Check out Digifit in the App Store (iOS)

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