Omnicharge Power Bank with AC Port Review



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Omnicharge Power Bank with AC Port Review
Omnicharge Power Bank with AC Port Review

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In addition to the USB charging ports you typically find on a power bank, Omnicharge external battery has one unique feature: a full-sized AC port.

This review was based on a pre-release version of the product. Please check Amazon for the latest product specifications.

The Omnicharge power bank comes in two capacities: 13600 mAh and 20400 mAh.  While both units feature an AC port, the output is limited.  The 13600 mAh version maxes out at 65 watts, while the 20400 mAh model maxes out at 100 watts.  So while it’s enough power to charge your laptop, don’t expect to plug in a hair dryer or portable heater into the Omnicharge.  Please note that if you have a MacBook Pro 15-inch model, the power requirements are a little more heftier and the 20400 mAh Omnicharge is recommended.  However, the 13600 mAh can handle 13-inch MacBooks and smaller, as well as many other laptop by Dell and Samsung.

With the AC port, MacBook Air users can expect about 8 hours of charging time with the Omnicharge 13600 and up to 13 hours (or 1 full charge) with the Omnicharge 20400.

Omnicharge white charging a MacbookBoth models feature 2 USB charging ports that can output 2.4 amps simultaneously.  The Omnicharge 13600 can charge a smartphone about 4-6 times and a tablet about 1-2 times.  The larger Omnicharge 20400 can provide about 6-9 smartphone charges and up to 3 tablet charges.

Omnicharge also takes safety very seriously by implementing several protection circuits  A built-in safety check algorithm monitors the charging process and deploys safety protocols as needed.  The charging system also features a closed loop system with temperature sensors to actively monitor the incoming and outgoing voltage level.  There are also built-in protections against short circuits and overcharging.

Omnicharge OLED DisplayA built-in OLED screen allows you to monitor the USB and AC charging status, as well as input and output wattage and battery temperature. The battery level and estimated time remaining until depletion are also displayed.

The unit performed very well for me, providing the proper output to my iPhone and iPad, while also charging my MacBook.  The unit did not become very hot while in use, even when charging multiple devices.  And the ability to charge the power bank while charging your devices (“pass-through charging”) is a big timesaver.

Overall, the Omnicharge provides a comprehensive all-in-one charging solution that not only recharges iPhones, Android phones, and tablets, but the AC port allows you to charge laptops and other devices that require a special charger.  The built-in OLED screen allows you to keep tabs on the unit’s performance, and the multiple built-in safety features keep your gadgets safe.

The Omnicharge is now available for pre-order!

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Not only does the OmniCharge 13600 offer a built-in 65 watt AC outlet, but it also accept a charge from many different sources and features pass-through charging. The unit performed very well while charging multiple devices without overheating.

  1. Pretty cool. I personally think ChargeTech’s portable power outlet is a better product because it has higher 27,000mAh battery capacity, cheaper, soft touch satin finish, ships immediately via, and they even have a new 48,000mAh version with 2 AC outlets and 250W of power launching soon.

    • Hi Masud, We see that you are employed at a competitor firm. We welcome healthy discussions with you based on facts to help move the industry forward. At the end of day, we all want to be delivering better products to our supporters and users.

      Omnicharge encourages you to focus on your very own products, instead of taking time out of your busy schedule to tout for attention on articles mentioning Omnicharge. We see that you have quite a few outstanding negative reviews on Amazon from real buyers that are unaddressed. Your time would be better spent on commenting and responding there. Omnicharge is committed to making the best power banks to help users mobile life easier. We spend all of our energy on delivering that promise, and would encourage you to do the same.

      The Omnicharge Team

    • Hi Masud, noticed you copy paste exactly the same comment on every article mentioning Omnicharge. Please do check comments on Amazon regarding ChargeTech’s product. One of the common complaints about Chargetech on Amazon is that it is like a “brick”, weighs a lot, frequently loses charge and doesn’t charge most professional laptops. Please look at this warning on Chargetech website about their powerbank ( “In order for the PPO to work properly, it must be fully charged before using. Exceeding the intended wattage of your PPO can lead to sporadic performance and will void the manufacture’s warranty.”

      More power doesn’t mean smart power.

      At Omnicharge, we are focused on making the best powerbank with an AC/DC that works and functions every time, anywhere. The Omnicharge Pro will give your MacBook Pro 15″ an extra 60% boost to battery life (equivalent to 5-7 hours of run time) and most smartphone an extra 6-9 charges on a full charge. Omnicharge smart capabilities allows it to take a charge from any power source whether that is through USB, a laptop charger, or even a solar panel. It is more versatile than Goal Zero Sherpa 50 which is the leader in the marketplace. We have included real time data so you know what is going on inside the battery and power source. Most competitors power banks only include LED indicators which are inaccurate and unreliable.

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