Ninja Blast Portable Blender Review

Ninja - Blast 18 oz. Portable Blender - Black


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Ninja Blast Portable Blender Review
Ninja Blast Portable Blender Review

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The Ninja Blast is Ninja’s version of the BlendJet, allowing you to blend up your protein shake while you’re traveling or otherwise on-the-go. The motor is in the base, and you simple screw on the “blending vessel” and attach the lid. The lid has a one-touch button that flips open the spring-loaded drinking spout, so you can easily sip directly from the blender.

I like that the Ninja Blast has a 2-step process to start the e process to avoid accidental starts: you must first press the Power button, wait a few seconds, then press the Start/Stop button.

The motor and blade assembly have some weight to them, and since they need to left attached to the bottom in order to transport your protein shake, it does make this “cup” heavier than your typical travel tumbler.


Ninja recommends filling the Ninja Blast in a specific order:

  1. First, add liquid/water to the “Min Liquid” line.
  2. Fresh fruit
  3. Leafy greens
  4. Dry or sticky ingredients, like protein powder and/or peanut butter
  5. Finally, add ice and other frozen ingredients on the top

Once t is loaded up, turn the unit on, wait for the purple LEDs to stop blinking, and press the Start/Stop button.

I made my typical protein shake consisting of water, a scoop of whey protein powder, some frozen berries, and about 4 cubes of ice. The Ninja Blast handle this concoction with ease. It blends a lot quieter than my AC-powered blender, but still makes enough noise that you wouldn’t want to use it around someone who is sleeping. The blend cycle automatically runs for 30 seconds and shuts off, which ay seem like a long time, but it did indeed seem to take about 20 seconds for the ice to be completely crushed up. I do wish the power would automatically turn off immediately afterward, because it seems very unlikely that you would need to run it again immediately after one cycle.

The units easy to clean afterward: I just rinsed it, filled it a little over the “Min Liquid” line with water, added a small drop of Dawn dish soap, attached the lid and let it make a soap smoothie. This effectively cleaned the blades and sides of the “vessel”, but didn’t quite reach the lid thoroughly. Once its done, I poured it out, rinsed the soap out, cleaned the lid a little more, and let everything dry. Easy-peasy!

Battery Life

One charge is good for about 15 blend cycles, according to Ninja. The unit is easily recharged with a water-resistant USB-C port on the back, so no need to carry a proprietary charger with you when you travel. However, an AC adapter (the part that plugs into a wall outlet) is not included, but you can use an existing phone or tablet charger with the USB-C cable included with the blender.

9.2Expert Score

Overall, the Ninja Blast is a great blender when you just need to make one serving. The fact that it is battery-powered and rechargeable makes it great for taking with you to the gym or on vacation, so you can make protein shakes regardless of where you are.

Ninja - Blast 18 oz. Portable Blender - Black

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