NeuTab N7S Pro 7″ Tablet Review

The NeuTab N7S Pro is one of those tablets that strikes a nice balance between features and cost. Although it’s not souped-up with a top-of-the-line processor, basic gaming and web browsing is surprisingly good.


  • Quad-core processor: I found the interface on this tablet to be surprisingly smooth. While the tablet does pack a quad-core processor, it is not top-of-the-line. However, I found general web surfing and app loading to be surprisingly good. Some games do run choppier than they would on other tablets, but the Subway Surfers game showed in my video performed very well. For those interested, the GeekBench multicore score came in at 847.
  • Android 5.1: This tablet comes with Android’s latest Lollipop 5.1 operating system, which helps contributes to the tablet’s good performance.
  • Storage: This tablet comes with 8GB of storage. If that’s not enough space, you can expand the storage with inexpensive Micro SD cards, like the ones you would use in your phone and some digital cameras. The slot is located on the back of the unit.
  • 1 GB of RAM: Many tablets at this price point only have 512MB of RAM, so I’m happy to see that this tablet has double the amount. This helps speed up web page loading and switching between applications.
  • Display: I’m impressed that a tablet at this price point comes with an IPS display (meaning, it is viewable at an angle). The screen is also very colorful and has a decent 1024×600 resolution for web browsing and many games. It doesn’t have a Retina resolution, but it is widescreen and works fine for watching Netflix and YouTube.
  • Two cameras: There are two cameras on both the front and the back. Low light performance is not great. I wouldn’t depend on taking stellar photos or videos with the cameras, but it’s nice to have the option to grab a quick snapshot or perform a video call.
  • Compact size: There is not a lot of bulk with this tablet, which makes it very portable if you’re always on the go.
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth is also included in this tablet, allowing you to pair it to devices such as a Bluetooth speaker for Pandora streaming, for example.


  • GeekBench score: The GeekBench score is on the low side, so complex web pages and games may take more time to load or performance may be slow. However, for basic gaming, web browsing, social media apps, etc, this tablet works fine.
  • Camera quality: The performance of the cameras in low light is poor, and can make indoor video calls problematic.
  • Build quality: The plastic casing feels a little cheap and not very durable, but then again, this is a budget tablet.

Overall, I’m impressed by the performance of this unit given its low price tag. While it’s not as powerful as many other tablets, it is great for kids to play basic games or for adults who want to browse the web and read e-books.

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— Sample provided for review

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