NeuTab N10 Plus Octa Core Android Tablet Review

NeuTab N10 Plus Octa Core Android Tablet Review

NeuTab ups-the-ante on the performance of their N10 Plus Android tablet by incorporating an Octa Core (yes, 8 cores) processor.


  • Octa Core Processor: I really like how responsive this tablet is. The Octa (that’s 8!) Core processor that NeuTab uses in the N10 Plus tablet keeps the interface fluid and quick. Web browsing works great on this tablet, and it can even handle some higher end games like CSR racing. The tablet received a very good 1988 multi-core score on Geekbench 3.
  • 16GB of storage: This refers to how many apps, photos, videos, and music files you can store directly on the tablet. Since the operating system takes up some of this space, you’re left with about 10GB of usable memory. If that’s not enough space, you can expand the storage with inexpensive Micro SD cards, like the ones you would use in your phone and some digital cameras.
  • 1GB of RAM: The amount of RAM means affects the performance of running multiple apps at once. For example, more RAM makes things quicker when you switch between the Gmail app and the Google Chrome web browser app. Or if you’re playing music on Pandora while flipping through an eBook. More RAM means that the tablet can “remember” multiple apps at the same time without needing to close out apps in the background. 1GB is a decent amount for a budget tablet (some only have half this amount).
  • Pre-installed applications: Instead of cramming sponsored bloatware on this tablet, NeuTab preinstalls some popular applications that you would probably install anyways, such as Netflix and Advanced Task Killer. There is also a troubleshooting guide installed on the home screen that goes through some common issues with a lot of detail (ironically, a non-working display is one of the issues covered in this onscreen guide).
  • Bluetooth: This tablet also has Bluetooth so you can use it with Bluetooth keyboards and Bluetooth speakers. Sometimes Bluetooth is omitted on budget tablets, but that’s not the case for this NeuTab tablet.
  • Two cameras: The tablet features two cameras, front and back. It’s nice to have the camera there for a Skype call or to take a quick photo, but the quality is fairly low.
  • Build: The NeuTab is thin and portable. The plastic back is somewhat textured which helps make it easier to hold.
  • HDMI out: This tablet has a mini HDMI out, so you can connect it to an HD television, allowing you to use supported apps on the big screen.


  • Screen: The resolution is relatively low at 1024×600, so you may notice some jagged pixels when reading text or playing games. The viewing angle is also fairly narrow and the screen can looked washed out when viewing it at an angle.
  • Special charger: The tablet comes with a special charger with barrel connector for the fastest charge. You can use a Micro USB cable to charge the tablet in a pinch, but it is slower (0.5 amps) than the dedicated charger.


  • Pre-applied screen protector: I really like that there is already a screen protector in place on this tablet. This saved me the hassle of needing to install a screen protector myself (which I typically do with any touchscreen device). However, NeuTab also includes an extra screen protector in the box, which is very much appreciated.

Overall, I am impressed with the octa-core processor used in this tablet. It’s great not just for casual gaming, but for more high-end games as well. Web browsing is also very snappy on this unit.

— Sample provided for review

  1. Ryan, thanks for all your great reviews of NeuTab’s budget Android tablets! Because of you, I had the confidence to get an Air7, and I’m very glad I did.

    Now I’m looking at the N10 Plus to see if it would be a good desktop replacement for my folks. I’d like to connect it to a full HD monitor via HDMI. Do you know if the mini HDMI connector will cast to a full HD monitor (1080p) or would it cast as HD (720p)? Can a 1080p monitor display a 720p signal?

    Thanks again for your helpful reviews!

    All the best,

    Fred Chapman

    • Hi Fred,
      I’m very sorry for the late reply, and thank you for the kind words! I connected the N10 Plus to my TV and it did indeed output at 1080p to my TV. I tested some YouTube videos and they played fine. To answer your second question: yes, most any monitor or TV that supports 1080p can “fallback” to 720p (or 480p) as needed. I hope this helps!


      • Hi Ryan,

        Thanks for getting back to me and answering my questions. No need to apologize. I’m glad to hear from you anytime!

        I appreciate your testing the N10 Plus with your 1080p TV. It’s great to know that such a modestly priced tablet can output full HD video! HP is selling a 21.5 inch 1080p monitor with HDMI input for $100 to $120 on Amazon. It’s a wonderful value and should work well with the N10 Plus, or a Chromebox for that matter.

        Speaking of value, have you seen the RCA 11 Maven Pro Android tablet? It has an 11.6 inch screen, 32 gigabytes of storage, a detachable keyboard, and sells for around $115 on Amazon! I would love to see your review of that some time.

        Say, have you ever run across some Android adware called BroService or Linervice? Despite installing apps only from the Google Play Store, this adware has infected my Air7 tablet. I have the premium edition of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, which identifies and neutralizes the adware, but it keeps reinstalling itself. I’m working with Kaspersky tech support to resolve the problem, and they have been wonderful so far.

        I must say that all the experts who claim Android is impervious to malware could not be more wrong. This particular malware is very difficult to remove. Any suggestions?

        Thanks again,


        • Hi Fred,

          I have not tried any of the RCA tablets, but my buddy over at Underground Tech seems to be happy with them. The detachable keyboard definitely looks nice. Here’s his latest video on the Viking Pro:

          I have run across the BroService another tablet. I discovered it when the browser app constantly showed an ad in the lower right corner. None of the antivirus apps I tried detected it, but I was able to simply uninstall it in the “Settings” app and it hasn’t come back so far. I wish I knew how it got there in the first place. I believe it may have came bundled with an app I downloaded, but I can’t pinpoint which one. Please let me know what you find out about it.

          Thanks again!

        • Hi Ryan,

          Thanks for pointing me to Underground Tech.I watched the RCA 10 Viking Pro video and left a comment for your buddy. Great stuff!

          If your tablet had the BroService adware, I recommend checking it for the Linervice adware as well in Settings > Apps. When I got the one, I also got the other. One or the other kept reinstalling itself, even when I booted in safe mode! I finally did a factory reset, after disabling Settings > Backup & reset >Automatic restore. That got rid of it for good.

          To its credit, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android did identify BroService/Linervice as adware and uninstalled it for me, but KIS could not keep the adware from reinstalling itself. Kaspersky tech support forwarded the problem to their developers, who will address it in a future release. That’s about as good as we can hope for. In the mean time, a factory reset (without automatic restore) removes the adware permanently.

          My theory is that some of the mega-popular utilities in the Google Play Store are infection vectors for malware. I won’t name the app that I think infected my tablet, because I don’t have proof, but the app had a sloppy user interface, a very unprofessional demo video, and a mediocre developer website; yet, the app had over a million reviews and over 100 million downloads! I do know that the mega-popular Android app developer Cheetah Mobile got in trouble with the Google Play Store for some of its shady practices, so there is a precedent for this sort of thing:

          All the best,


        • Hi Fred,

          Thank you very much for the information! I have used “Clean Master” in the past, so it was interesting to see the details about their practices. I guess my device wasn’t as “clean” as I thought! Thanks again for taking the time to share this information, I really appreciate it.

          Best regards,

        • Hi Ryan,

          You’re very welcome! Your reviews of NeuTab products gave me confidence to give them a try, so I’m glad for this chance to repay the favor. Like many people, I assumed that wildly popular apps would be good choices, but it turns out there’s more to the story. If you want to post a blog article about favorite trusted apps, I’d be glad to share some of mine.

          I have some info to pass along about NeuTab’s 7″ tablets. My NeuTab Air7 met all my needs except for one: it won’t sync with Google contacts; another Amazon customer had the same problem. Fortunately, two more Amazon customers confirmed that the NeuTab G7 syncs with Google contacts perfectly, so I’m going to return my Air7 and get a G7 instead.

          Managing my contacts on Android is a high priority for me; if it weren’t for that, the Air7 would have been perfect for my needs. The G7 will fill the bill, and it’s only $20 more. Plus, the G7 will give me the option of using a SIM card for voice and data, which is good to have when out of range of Wi-Fi. All in all, I think NeuTab is still a good value.

          Thanks again,


  2. Yeah, I agree that seems low. Streaming video and high-end games can burn through your battery fairly quick on most tablets. If that’s not the case, maybe try one of the “battery saver” apps in the Google Play Store to see if it can pinpoint why the battery is draining so fast.

  3. I bought mine in place of a dedicated e-reader, and I’m well pleased with it so far in that role. It handily runs the board game apps that I prefer, gives me a great portable platform for audio books and video, and will give me a good alternative for browsing the inter-webs when I don’t care to lug my laptop around. In all, excellent value for the money.

  4. Hi, Can it handle HEVC x265 format? Thank you for you time and effort

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