NeuTab G7 7-inch Quad-Core Tablet Review

The NeuTab G7 comes in a small 7-inch form factor. However, despite the small size, NeuTab didn’t skimp on features for this tablet.


  • Quad-Core Processor: Nobody likes an interface that hangs or hesitates whenever you tap, so I’m happy to see that the NeuTab G7 comes with a quad-core processor. It may not be top-of-the-line, but I found general web surfing and app loading to be very good, with only occasional hesitations. Some games do run choppier than they would on other tablets, but the Subway Surfers game showed in my video performed very well. The Geekbench multi-core score came in at 1708.
  • Android 5.0: This is one of the first budget tablets I’ve seen to come with Android 5.0 out of the box. Google’s latest operating system features a new user interface, multiple user support (and a “guest mode” to prevent those who borrow your tablet from snooping through your apps), and battery life optimizations.
  • 8GB of storage: This refers to how many apps, photos, videos, and music files you can store directly on the tablet. However, only about 4.8GB is usable. If that’s not enough space, you can expand the storage with inexpensive Micro SD cards, like the ones you would use in your phone and some digital cameras. The slot is located on the back of the unit underneath the flap.
  • Display: This tablet has a colorful display and an appropriate 1024×600 resolution for web browsing and many games. It doesn’t have a Retina resolution, but it is widescreen and works fine for watching Netflix or Crackle. The display is also IPS so it can be viewed from an angle and the display still looks good.
  • Built-in GPS chip: You can load this tablet with an offline GPS navigation app and use it without data connectivity. The built-in GPS chip allows it to function like a dedicated GPS using satellites (instead of relying on WiFi triangulation).
  • GSM SIM Card support: If you need a data connection while you’re out and about, you can purchase a data plan from a GSM service provided (in the United States, this would include AT&T and T-Mobile) and then use their SIM card in this tablet. That way, you don’t need to track down a WiFi hotspot to check your email or browse the web.  I’ve used the free service available through the FreedomPop Global SIM and it works fine, just make sure to set your data limit accordingly in “Settings”.
  • Bluetooth 4.0: This tablet also has Bluetooth so you can use it with Bluetooth keyboards and Bluetooth speakers. Sometimes Bluetooth is omitted on lower-end tablets, so I’m happy to find it on this tablet.
  • Two cameras: I couldn’t locate the specs of the cameras, but there is a camera on both the front and the back. Low light performance is not great, but the front facing camera is fine for a Skype video call. I wouldn’t depend on taking stellar photos with the back camera, but it’s nice to have the option to grab a quick snapshot.
  • Build: The back of the tablet has a soft, matte finish that is very comfortable to hold.
  • Micro USB charging and OTG: Some tablets use proprietary charging adapters, but this tablet uses a standard Micro USB cable for charging, so there’s no special charger to keep track of. The Micro USB port also supports “OTG”, which means you can use a OTG cable (not included) to connect regular USB devices, such as flash drive, to the unit.


  • Speakers: The sound from the speakers isn’t the best, and sounds quite “tinny”. But thanks to the Bluetooth 4.0 support, you can pair it with a good Bluetooth speaker if you want to listen to Pandora, Google Music, etc. Or you can plug in your own pair of headphones using the headphone jack.
  • Cameras: While I like that there are cameras included on this tablet, they are low resolution and the picture quality is poor in low light. However, its better than having no camera for quick Skype calls.


  • Pre-applied screen protector: I’m paranoid about scratches and I’ve struggled getting a bubble-free screen protector on my iPad in the past. It is quite a chore. This tablet with a screen protector already applied, which I very much appreciate.

Overall, I’m impressed by the performance of this unit given its low price tag. While it’s not as powerful as some other (more expensive) tablets, it is great for the budget-minded consumer who plans to use it for basic web browsing, Netflix viewing, and light gaming.

Check out the NeuTab G7 7-inch Quad-Core Tablet on Amazon

— Sample provided for review

  1. I am finding the battery life abysmal. wondering if some app is causing it or is it just low mah rating, and if so, can I get a better one. It does not seem to be user replaceable

    • Hi Dixie, I’ve actually found the battery life to be fairly good on this tablet. You might want to try downloading a “Battery Saver” app from the Google Play store to see if you can find the app that is draining your power. And you’re right: the battery in this tablet cannot be replaced.

      • Thanks Ryan! I had no idea there was an app detective! I like the fact that it seems to have very little bloatware. I had a deaf assistant app but discovered it was forever trying to talk to google to access their voice software on line. I do hope that if I get friendly with it there will be a battery replacement option later.

        • I keep forgetting about the built-in battery monitor in Android. If you go into the Settings app then select “Battery,” you should see an estimate of which apps are using the most power. I hope you can find the culprit. I agree that the minimal bloatware is definitely nice on this tablet. And while the internal battery may not be replaceable, you could always pick up an external power bank if you need to recharge your tablet while you’re on the go:

        • So it was fully charged, then unplugged 4 hours ago. Now the battery says it is 85% and has 18 hours left. Usage is TABLET IDLE: 7%, SCREEN: 6%, ANDROID SYSTEM 2%.So I must assume that the total MAXIMUM standby time is 22 hours. That doesn’t sound normal or acceptable. BUT I may have been spoiled before and come to expect too much. I thank you so much for your input. If this is very different from yours, I think I should return it as defective. This has happened to me before with a cell phone and the replaced unit was wonderful.

        • Hi Dixie, I know if I’m actively using the tablet (surfing the web, playing Pandora, etc), the estimated stand-by will be about 1 day. But if I stop using it and leave it in stand-by for 3-4 days, it will still have a decent charge. I guess you could try a replacement and then you would know for sure if it was defective. Best of luck!

        • Thank You so much Your experience is what I would expect. I guess I will have to say goodbye to this unit. I bought it from Amazon, and there are none available at the moment. Such a good deal for Christmas I suppose.

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