Native Fitness Resistance Bands and Speed Jump Rope Review

Traveling can put the brakes on your fitness routine, but with this bundle from Native Fitness, you can get a full workout in one convenient, portable pack.


  • 3 resistance bands: This pack from Native Fitness includes 3 bands of varying resistance, and these are the nice, thick bands that are much more durable than the thin, hollow “tube bands” you’ll see included in other kits. The estimated “weights” are as follows:
    – Red: 15-25 lbs
    – Black: 50-75 lbs
    – Purple: 100-120 lbs
    These bands can go for anywhere from $15-$30 individually, so you can definitely save with this set. You also have the option of combining bands to get different “weights” as well. If you’re wondering what you would use the purple band for, it comes in handy if you’re starting out with pull-ups and need an assist. Simply wrap one and around you pull-up bar and step into the other end.
  • Jump rope: If you need to get in some cardio, the included jump rope is handy for when you’re stuck in a hotel room or otherwise not able to get outside for a run.
  • 4 e-Books: The seller also sends four e-Books that nicely illustrated the different movements and exercises you can do with these bands.
  • No smell: I laughed when I saw the description stated that this set was “no smell”, but it is accurate. There is a light plastic smell from this set, but nothing that is overpowering or that you need to let set outside for a few days.


  • No handles: With this type of resistance band, there are no handles, so you may want to wear a pair of gloves to keep them from “digging” into your hands.

Overall, this is a nice set to bring with you whenever you travel so you can get in a nice workout wherever you want.

Check out the Native Fitness Resistance Bands and Speed Jump Rope on Amazon

— Sample provided for review

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