Mpow Armor Plus Bluetooth Speaker Review

The heavy duty Mpow Armor Plus Bluetooth speaker not only sounds great, but it can stand up to the elements outdoors and even charge your phone when you need it.


  • Sound quality: Obviously, one of the most important features of a Bluetooth speaker is how it sounds, and the Mpow Armor Plus does not disappoint.  The speaker gets loud and can fill a room or your camp site with clear music with minimal distortion.  Bass is also strong without being overwhelming.  You can also press the Bluetooth button to change it to “outdoor” mode which removes some of the bass, but I think you will prefer to leave it in “indoor” mode even when you’re outside (unless the neighbors start to complain).
  • Heavy duty construction: This speaker is heavy and feels like a solid brick.  It’s definitely durable and the water resistant design means you don’t need to worry about a rain shower or accidentally spilling your drink on it.  There’s only a rubber flap covering the ports, so I wouldn’t plan on taking this speaker deep sea diving.  But for occasional splashes, this speaker would hold up fine at the beach or near the pool.
  • 5200mAh battery: I had this speaker going all day and it is still going strong.  The manufacturer notes that this can last up to 22 hours, and they definitely seems to be the case.  So if you’re taking it camping or on a day trip, you should have no worries about going a moment without music.  And if you don’t need the speaker playing constantly, you can use the remaining power to charge your smartphone using the built-in USB port.  Just plug your phone’s charging cable into the USB port to give your phone some extra juice whenever you need it.  5200mAh can provide about 2 full recharges to your smartphone, but remember that if you use the battery to charge your phone, that leaves less power for playing music.
  • Speakerphone functionality: The Armor Plus also features a built-in microphone, allowing you to answer phone calls while your phone is connected to the speaker.
  • Separate volume and rewind/skip buttons: This may be minor to some people, but I really appreciate that Mpow separated the volume controls from the rewind and skip buttons.  This means you don’t need to remember to hold down a button or accidentally skip a good song when you meant to turn up the volume.


  • Weight: As noted earlier, this speaker is heavier than it looks, making it less ideal for carrying with you.  So it may not be as suitable for hiking as it is for throwing in the back of your car for a weekend camping trip.

Overall, the Mpow Armor Plus is a great outdoor companion, or even for using indoors thanks to the great sound quality and bass response.  The built-in power bank functionality is also handy for charging your phone without needing to bring a separate external battery with you.

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— Sample provided for review

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