MIPOW Power Cube 9000mAh External Battery Review

If you need a power bank for your iPhone that is truly “grab-and-go”, check out the Mipow Power Cube 9000mAh power bank which features a built-in Lightning cable.


  • Built-in Lightning connector: I really like that there is a Lightning cable built-in to this power bank. There’s no need to remember to bring your own cable. This is very convenient!
  • Design: I also really like the brushed aluminum design of this unit. The gold finish would go great with the gold iPhone, but it looks fine with my space gray iPhone as well. I also like that the power bank is flat and square, making it easier to carry in backpack or bag.
  • 9000mAh of power: This is good for about 4 full recharges to iPhones and about 1 full recharge to iPads.
  • 2.4 amp output: This unit can supply 1 amp to iPhones and 2 amps to iPads, allowing either device to charge at full speed.
  • Extra USB port: If you don’t have an i-Device to charge, you can use the regular USB port and your own charging cable to recharge Android phones, Bluetooth speakers, etc.
  • Micro USB input: You can use a standard Micro USB cable to recharge the power bank itself.
  • Bag included: A small cloth carrying bag is also included with this unit.


  • Weight: Since this power bank packs 9000mAh of power, it has some weight to it and likely will not be comfortable in a pocket.

Overall, this is a really good-looking power bank that packs a lot of power. I also really like that a Lightning cable is built-in to the unit, making it a great “grab-and-go” accessory for your iPhone.

Check out the Mipow Power Cube 9000mAh on Amazon

— Sample provided for review

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