Mipow PLAYBULBs Offers a Cheaper Alternative to Philips Hue

The ability to control your lights from your smartphone is definitely cool, but the Philips Hue suite of products can leave a dent in your wallet.  Mipow’s line of PLAYBULB smart lights gives you the awesome color changing app control at a much lower price.

Mipow PlaybulbMipow currently offers several different lighting options in their product line.  If you’re looking for a regular bulb to place in an existing lighting figure, the Mipow PLAYBULB LED Bulb can be screwed into your existing lamp like a traditional bulb.  Pair it up with your smartphone using the Mipow PLAYBULB app for iPhone and Android, and you’re ready to set the colors, adjust the brightness, add effects, and set a timer, all without needing to reach for the light switch.

Playbulb CandlesIf you’re looking for some accent lighting, the PLAYBULB Candles provide a nice ambiance while still providing you with smart connectivity.  You can use the Mipow PLAYBULB app to adjust the color, brightness, and add different effects.  These “candles” can also be flipped over to serve as a holder for a real tea light candle.  These lights are powered by 3 AA batteries each, and I’ve been using rechargeable batteries without an issue.

Playbulb SphereOr, if you’re looking for a larger piece of accent lighting, the PLAYBULB Sphere provides a soft glow inside a large, frosted glass sphere.  Again, your smartphone can connect to the light thanks to the Mipow app, allowing you to set the color, brightness, and effects to suit your mood or the occasion.  The Sphere can easily be recharged thanks to the wireless charging base.

LED strips are very popular thanks to the ability to “stick” anywhere and provide bright accent lighting under cabinets, behind TVs, or along staircases.  The PLAYBULB Comet brings you the convenience of LED strip lighting combined with smartphone connectivity.  Mount it behind your TV to help ease eye strain during late night viewing, and adjust the color and brightness to fit the mood of the TV show you’re watching by simply pulling up the PLAYBULB app.

MiPow Garden and CometOne of PLAYBULB’s most unique offerings in the PLAYBULB Garden solar light.  You wouldn’t dream of letting your Hue lights outside in the rain, but the PLAYBULB Garden’s enclosed housing makes it weatherproof and the integrated solar panel means that it will keep itself charged with the sun’s rays.  Again, the PLAYBULB app allows you to adjust the color, brightness, and effects from the comfort of your home (well, as long as you’re near a window and within Bluetooth range).  Light up your front yard in red or green for the holidays, or switch it to light blue or yellow for a relaxing summer night.

Of course, the PLAYBULB line will not give you all of the functionality of the Philips Hue suite of products.  For example, there’s no WiFi connectivity, no “Hey Siri” or smarthome controller integration, and no IFTTT linking.  However, if you want to get started with making your home’s lighting a little more “smart,” but you’re not quite ready for the investment of Philips Hue, the Mipow PLAYBULB products are a great way to get started.


  1. The problem with The Playbulbs in most case’s such as the garden light and the globe. Is they take a battery that can only be charged so many times. I think Playbulb says 500 times. A solar light like Playbulb’s garden light.Will recharge 362 times a year so it will last only a year and a half. The globe also takes battery. and will suffer the same wrath of time. With no way to replace the battery. It will just be a paperweight. Alot of money to spend on a paperweight. Don’t get me wrong i have a few and i think they put off the most vivid colors of the bulbs i’ve seen. But a huge drawback to not be able to change the battery. I also have many Philips hue bulbs and gotta admit they do a great job. But the colors are not as vivid. But the functionality of them overcomes those obstacles with ease. My opinion is playbulbs strips and playbulb bulbs are pretty decent but lack connectivity over wifi and works from bluetooth signal. so range becomes an issue. Stay away from the battery operated stuff unless the battery can be changed..

    • Good point, Jeff, but I just wanted to add that when a company says their battery has a 500-charge cycle, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will completely stop working. When lithium-ion batteries go through 500 charge cycles, they still have around an 65%-85% capacity. So the light’s runtime may be shorter, but the light should still work. In the case of the Playbulb Sphere, you could leave it on the charger base to power it if the battery runtime is too short. I also have some Hue lights and would agree that the Playbulb colors are more vivid like you state. Thanks for stoping by and sharing this information!

      • No but after 500 charges it will be over the half life expectancy of the battery. It won’t stay on all night anymore it may stay on for 4 hours but after about a year and a half or 2 years it will be dead. Then what do we do to replace the battery. I see on the garden lights they had intended to make them plugable. This could have been done with a magnetic Charger. If they wanted it to be waterproof. Not being able to change out the battery is a huge drawback. Regardless of how you choose to look at it. I like my Garden lights and the globe lights. But i don’t think for the money they are worth the money they ask for them. If i could rely on it working when the battery dies off. This to me would add more value. Just my opinion.. =)

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