Mediabridge 4-Port USB Charger with Reversible ezPorts (30W/6A) Review

Are you fed up with plugging in USB cable like I am? You don’t need to wait for USB-C to catch on. Check out this charger with reversible USB ports.


  • ezPorts: OK, I think these ports are really awesome. One of the banes of my existence is plugging in USB cables. No matter how carefully I check beforehand, I never get it right the first time. Well, actually I do, but it does not easily go in, so I flip the cable, then flip it back again until the darn thing goes in. With the ezPorts on this MediaBridge charger, it doesn’t matter. The unique ports allow you to plug in the USB cable either way. Why don’t more companies do this? I’m hoping that this type of port can be implemented in more devices in the future.
  • Smart ports: These ports also communicate with your devices to signal the highest amperage your device can handle. For example, if you plug in a tablet and it says “hey, I can charge at 2 amps”, this charger will respond “hey, here’s 2 amps of power… enjoy!”. The ports will also adapt and supply 1 amp to smartphones, so you can basically plug any device in to any port to get the fastest charge your device can handle. I tested out the ports with a USB power meter in my video and you can see it provides amperage comparable to the OEM Apple charger.
  • Blue LED: I really like how the indicator light not only tells you that this unit is working, but it also casts a cool, blue glow around each of the ports.
  • Lots of space: The ports are also nicely spaced apart. This is handy if you need to charge a power bank with a built-in USB connector.
  • No power brick: The power cord has two prongs and will fit nicely on a power strip or wall outlet without blocking other outlets.
  • Safety circuits: MediaBridge also built-in safety circuits to prevent overcharging and would shutdown if an overcharge were to occur to protect your devices.


  • Size: This charger is a little larger than some other multi-port USB chargers, but I think the advantage of the reversible USB ports greatly outweighs the small inconvenience of the extra size.

Overall, I really like the ezPorts since they allow me to plug in my USB cables on the first try. I really hope MediaBridge expands this to more products in the future! I hope that my unbiased testing and review of this sample unit I received assists you in making an informed purchasing decision. If there is anything that I can do to improve this review, please let me know by leaving a note in the comments so I may respond. Thank you!

Mediabridge 4-Port USB Charger

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