Maxboost Electron Review: An External Battery With Its Own LCD Gauge

How do you make an external battery even cooler?  Add an LCD read out with a blue backlight!


  • Display: The LCD readout of the charge percentage is a unique feature that is very convenient. Many other battery packs at this capacity only use 3-4 LEDs to show the battery level.
  • Two outputs: The Maxboost features both a 1 Amp and a 2.1 Amp port so you can charge your smartphone and your tablet at the same time. Or, share the second port with a friend who may also have a dying a phone.
  • Flashlight: The built-in flashlight is handy for finding your way in the dark or when you’re out camping. It’s not extremely bright, but it is enough to find your way in the dark.
  • Capacity: 10,000mAh of power can recharge a smartphone about 3-4 times or your iPad about once. I tested it out with my iPhone 5S and it charged it from 20%-100% while using only about 22% of the Maxboost’s battery.
  • Safety: It uses reliable Samsung A+ batteries and has several built-in safety circuits to help protect both the device itself and the devices you are charging
  • Auto On, Auto Off: The device automatically powers itself on when you connect a device, and automatically turns itself off when you unplug your devices.


  • Viewing angle: The display can be difficult to read from an angle, especially when the blue backlight is on (the backlight seems to “wash out” the display). This can be easily remedied by tilting the device.
  • Weight: The 10,000mAh of power adds some weight and bulk to this pack, so it may be more suitable for your backpack instead of your pocket.
  • Recharge time: It can take up to 7 or 8 hours to recharge the Maxboost Electron. Tip: It will charge faster by using your phone or tablet’s AC adapter rather than a USB port on your computer.

The large capacity Maxboost Electron 10,000mAh provides enough power charge a smartphone 3-4 times, or charge your phone and a buddy’s phone at the same time. The device has a glossy black finish and has a nice feel to it. The backlit LCD display allows me to easily see the battery’s capacity down to the percentage. It really comes in handy when I’m planning a hike: I can easily see if I need to charge the Maxboost the night before by looking at the display, and it then easily slips into my backpack ready to go the next morning.

The Maxboost Electron is also easy to use. One press on the power button lights up the display with a cool blue LED backlight allowing you to check the battery’s charge status and check which ports are in use. Double-pressing the power button turns on the convenient built-in flashlight. And you don’t need to worry about powering the Electron down: the device automatically shuts off when you disconnect the cables from the USB ports.

If you often find yourself needing to charge a couple devices at once when you’re out and about, or want to be able to help out a friend who could also use a power boost, you can’t go wrong with the Maxboost Electron 10,000mAh battery pack.

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