Maxboost Atomic S Battery Case for iPhone 5/5S Review

Do you have someone on your Christmas list who struggles to keep their iPhone 5 or 5S charged throughout the day?  The Maxboost Atomic S Battery Case would be the perfect gift!  With this case on, they will always have an extra battery to recharge their phone wherever it is needed.


  • Slim design adds minimal bulk to your iPhone 5/5S.
  • The battery holds enough power to recharge your phone at least once.
  • You can recharge your iPhone and the case at the same time with a standard Micro USB cable.
  • Micro USB cables are usually cheaper than Apple’s proprietary Lightning cables.
  • You can still sync and backup your phone without needing to remove the case (just use the Micro USB cable).
  • Four LEDs indicate the remaining power in the battery case.
  • The case redirects the speakers to the front (facing you).
  • The case uses an Apple MFI-certified Lightning connector to ensure compatibility (and eliminate those “not supported” messages you may have seen with generic cables).
  • A kickstand is built-in to the case to aid with Netflix watching. 🙂


  • If you’re not using the standard Apple Earpods, you’ll need to remember to bring along the headphone adapter.
  • The Sleep/Wake button (on the top of the iPhone) is slightly more difficult to press with the case on.

The battery case is lightweight, so your phone is still easy to carry, and the pass-through charging and syncing are very convenient (so you don’t need to remove the case every time you want to back up your phone).  The smooth matte finish on the back of the case also feels comfortable in your hands. Overall, this case is a great way to ensure you always have an extra charge with you virtually anywhere.

Check out the Maxboost Atomic S Battery Case on Amazon.

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