Holiday Gift Ideas: MAOZUA 15000mAh Solar Power Bank Review

If you have someone on your Christmas list that likes both gadgets and the outdoors, a solar-powered power bank — like this one from MAOZUA — makes a great gift!


  • 15,000mAh of power: This unit packs a lot of power with it’s 15,000mAh battery. It will recharge an iPhone (and many other smartphones) about 6-7 times. It should also supply 1 full charge (maybe 1.5 charges) to the iPad.
  • Design: I like the compact design of this unit, making it easy to carry in my bag while hiking.
  • Two USB ports: This allows you to charge two devices at the same time. The one port can provide a high 2 amp output to charge iPads and other tablets. I tested the output with a USB power meter in my video and it did indeed supply an almost 2 amp output.
  • Built-in light: Although it is somewhat dim, MAOZUA has incorporated an LED light into the unit. You can turn it on by holding down the power button.


  • Solar charging: The solar panel on relatively small on this unit, so it would likely take a week or more of bright sunshine to fully recharge this unit. So it would be best to fully charge this unit using a USB charger first, then use the solar panel to keep it “topped off” throughout the day.


  • Want to protect the solar panel from scratches? If you have some left over clear screen protectors from your phone (you know, the ones that come 3 in a pack?), you can cut one of them to size to fit the solar panel.
  • Don’t leave this out in your car to charge! Your car’s dashboard will become very hot from the sun and could basically “cook” this unit, ruining the internal battery.

Overall, this is a very well designed unit that performs great as a power bank and packs an impressive 15,000mAh capacity. Just remember that solar charging is slow, so don’t rely on solar alone to fully recharge this unit. However, for the outdoors-man who likes to keep their gadgets charged, it’s an ideal solution.

Check out the MAOZUA 15000mAh Solar Power Bank on Amazon

— Sample provided for review


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