LiftUp Sets Out To Be The Fitbit Of Strength Training

LiftUp Sets Out To Be The Fitbit Of Strength Training

Fitbits are great tools for measuring steps and many cardio workouts.  But they are basically worthless at tracking strength training, which is a vital component of any fitness routine.  LiftUp is looking to change that with their resistance band tracker.

LiftUp LogoThe LiftUp team has created a new type of workout: one that combines the convenience of resistance bands with the “smarts” of Bluetooth-connectable trackers.  The LiftUp band measures the “weight” of your movements with the resistance band to calculate an equivalent pound measurement.  The LifeUp mobile app then provides real-time feedback and automatic rep counting, as well as providing guided workouts and calorie counts.

“Strength training is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle, but to date we’ve done it in a vacuum,” says Nick Sulham, LiftUp’s co-founder. “We didn’t like that, so we built LiftUp to make working out more informed and more interesting.”

The LiftUp tracker also has some nice aesthetics, featuring a hardwood and aluminum design.  The three included resistance bands give you plenty of varying strengths to accommodate all fitness levels. And the portability of the unit makes it perfect for business travelers or virtually anyone that does not have a lot of room to commit to a home gym.

Check out the KickStarter campaign and the LiftUp website for more details.

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