KINTTO Truly Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

KINTTO Truly Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

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KINTTO Truly Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review
KINTTO Truly Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review
Adequate bass
Charging case (with 4 additional charges)

Sound Quality

A common issue with truly wireless earbuds is that the connection between the two earbuds can be intermittent and subject to interference and disconnects.  However, the KINTTO rarely exhibited this issue while used indoors.  The issue became slightly more frequent while wearing them outside, but wearing your phone on the same side of the “master” earbud (determined by the earbud you “double-click” during the pairing process) minimizes that issue.

Sound quality overall is OK with a decent bass response, but the highs can sound tinny and somewhat distorted at times.  Lows sound best when the earbuds are pressed firmly into your ears, which is common with this style of earbud.


The earbuds themselves have a simple design: basically, they’re just little blocks with a little tube pointing out that delivers the sound down your ear canals.  They’re interchangeable and it doesn’t matter which one you put in which ear.  Given that fact, they’re not as secure as some other Bluetooth options, but they would be fine to wear while lifting weights at the gym.  Running outside or more intense workouts may be a little riskier, but they’re so lightweight that they do not fall out easily.  Still, I found myself pressing them slightly back into my ear canal while running just to be sure.


The earbuds can be used either as a pair or one-at-a-time for when you need to keep one ear open to hear your surroundings.  Pairing both earpieces can be a little confusing at first:

  1. Hold down the button on each earpiece at the same time for 5 seconds until the LED blinks red and blue.  Be sure to let go of the buttons at this point as they will automatically turn off if you hold them down too long.
  2. Double-press the button on either earbud (if you plan to wear these outside, pick the earbud that’s on the same side that you wear your phone to minimize interference).
  3. Open your phone’s Bluetooth settings and select the “GW10” entry.  Your earbuds should now be paired.

Once paired, you can use the button on either earbud to control your music:

  • A short press will play/pause the music
  • Double-tap the button to skip a track
  • Hold down the button until you hear a tone to rewind a track

The earbuds can be used to take phone calls as well, but please be aware the you’ll only hear the call on one earbud.  When your phone is ringing, short press the button to answer a call.

To power off the earbuds, holding down the button on one earbud will automatically turn off the other as well.

Battery Life

Battery life is somewhat short at only 2 hours, but the included charging case provides an additional 4 charges.  The earbuds magnetically snap into place when you insert the earbuds.  A red LED on the earbud will illuminate while charging, then go out when finished.  A blue LED on the outside of the charging case also lets you know that an earbud is charging.

To recharge the case itself, connect it to a Micro USB cable (plugged into a wall charger).  The LED on the outside of the case will illuminate red while charing, then blue once completed.

8 Total Score
Very Good

The KINTTO Truly Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are so lightweight that they stay in my ear surprisingly well. Sound quality is average and the pairing process is somewhat cumbersome, but overall the KINTTOs are a decent, low-cost alternative to the normally pricey category of truly wireless earbuds.

Sound Quality
Battery Life
  • Adequate bass
  • Lightweight
  • Charging case (with 4 additional charges)
  • Highs can sound tinny at times
  • Short 2 hour battery life between charges
Technically Well
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