KingPad K77 Quadcore 7-inch Tablet Review

Tiny hands (and tiny butter fingers) will appreciate the extra-thick silicone case on that comes with the KingPad K77 tablet.


  • Thick case: This tablet comes with a thick silicone case. This helps protect the tablet from drops and bumps. It won’t protect the tablet from everything, but for everyday use it should hold up well.
  • Quad Core Processor: Kids and adults alike hate a laggy interface when dealing with technology, so I’m happy to see that the KingPad comes with a quad-core processor. It may not be top-of-the-line, but I found general web surfacing and app loading to be surprisingly good. Some games do run choppier than they would on other tablets, but the Subway Surfers game showed in my video performed very well. For this interested, the GeekBench multicore score came in at 637.
  • 8GB of storage: This refers to how many apps, photos, videos, and music files you can store directly on the tablet. If that’s not enough space, you can expand the storage with inexpensive Micro SD cards, like the ones you would use in your phone and some digital cameras. The slot is located on the back of the unit.
  • Display: The K77 has a colorful display and an appropriate resolution for web browsing and many games. It doesn’t have a Retina resolution and the viewing angles are not great (see the con below), but it is widescreen and works fine for watching Netflix and YouTube.
  • Bluetooth: This tablet also has Bluetooth so you can use it with Bluetooth keyboards and Bluetooth speakers. Sometimes Bluetooth is omitted on lower-end tablets, so I’m happy to find it on this KingPad.
  • Two cameras: I couldn’t locate the specs of the cameras, but there is a camera on both the front and the back. Low light performance is not great. I wouldn’t depend on taking stellar photos or videos with the cameras, but it’s nice to have the option to grab a quick snapshot or perform a video call.
  • Build: The KingPad has a solid case that doesn’t feel like cheap plastic. Putting the thick silicone case over top helps protect the tablet even more.
  • Screen protector included: I like that the tablet came with a basic screen protector already applied, as well as one additional screen protector included in the box.


  • 512MB of RAM: The amount of RAM means affects the performance of running multiple apps at once. For example, more RAM makes things quicker when you switch between apps. More RAM means that the tablet can “remember” multiple apps at the same time without needing to close out apps in the background. 512MB is on the low end, but it is in-line for the specs expected from a budget tablet. If your child doesn’t do a lot of multi-tasking and instead focuses on one game at a time, then this may not be an issue.
  • Screen: The display has a fairly narrow viewing angle and can appear “washed out” if not viewed head on, although, it’s not as bad as some other budget tablets I’ve seen.
  • Camera quality: The performance of the cameras in low light is poor, and can make indoor video calls problematic.

Overall, I’m impressed by the performance of this unit given its low price tag. While it’s not as powerful as many other tablets, it is great for kids thanks to the thick cover and its basic gaming and movie playing abilities.

Check out the KingPad K77 Tablet on Amazon.

— Sample provided for review

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