Kayo Maxtar 50000mAh Power Bank Review

Kayo Maxtar 50000mAh Power Bank Review

$129.99 $250.99

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Kayo Maxtar 50000mAh Power Bank Review
Kayo Maxtar 50000mAh Power Bank Review
$129.99 $250.99

Extended pover outages and camping trips are no longer an issue for your smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  The Kayo Maxtar 50000mAh power bank can get you through!


  • 4 USB ports: With four USB ports, this power bank is great for families as four people can charge their devices at once. Two of the ports are 2 amp ports which can quick charge iPads and many tablets (they work for smartphones as well). The other two ports are 1 amp port which can charge smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, etc.
  • Laptop charging: There are also two ports for charging laptops. One is 12V and the other is 20V. You’ll want to look at the label on the bottom of your laptop to determine the input voltage (you may also find this information on your charging brick). In my video, my Acer laptop charges fine with this power bank. There are many different charging tips included with the power bank, and you can find a full list in the product description. Unfortunately, MacBooks are not supported due to their unique charging requirements.
  • 50,000mAh: This is a very high capacity power bank that packs enough power to recharge an iPhone up to 50 times. It would be great to have on hand if you frequently lose power at your home. It would also be great for an extended camping trip or any other situation where you would not have power available.
  • Fast input charging: The special charger included with the unit can recharge the power bank in about 6-8 hours.
  • Case included: A soft neoprene case is included with the power bank which makes it great for travel. The charging tips and laptop cord fit nicely in the front pocket.
  • Design: The power bank has a nice metallic finish and sturdy build, making it very durable.
  • Free gift: I found it really thoughtful that the seller included a free gift with this unit. It is a 3000mAh power bank that is much more smaller and portable than the main power bank. It can recharge an iPhone about 1-1.5 times.


  • Weight: Given the larger capacity of this power bank, it is larger and heavier than other power banks you may have used.
  • MacBooks not supported: As noted earlier, MacBooks cannot be recharged with this power bank, which is a common limitation with external batteries. MacBooks have unique connectors and charging requirements.

Overall, this is not only a great way to charge your phones and tablets when you experience a prolonged power outage, but it can also recharge a laptop as well! And despite its somewhat large size, the included case makes it easy to transport.

— Sample provided for review


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This power bank from Kayo Maxtar packs a very large capacity and can charge an iPhone up to 50 times. The 4 charging ports makes it ideal for family charging and it features wide compatibility with many laptops (except MacBooks).

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