iXCC Mini 3400mAh Portable Charger with MFi Certified Lightning Cable Review

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Keeping your phone charged is easy with this super portable power bank from iXCC, which comes packaged with a short Lightning cable.


  • Solid design: I really like the solid brushed aluminum finish on this power bank. It has some weight to it and feels very durable. The brushed aluminum adds some “bling” to it that sets it apart from your typical plastic power bank.
  • 3400mAh of power: This is enough to charge my iPhone 6S once. This also keeps the power bank small enough to slip into my pocket comfortably.
  • Easy to use: This power bank is very simple to use. Simply connect to it to a computer USB port of a USB wall charger (like the one that comes with your phone) to recharge the power bank itself. The LEDs light will go out when it is fully charged. When you need to recharge your phone, use the cable that came with it to connect it to the larger USB port on the iXCC power bank. It will automatically turn on and start charging.
  • 4 LEDs: It’s easy to see how much power is remaining in the power bank thanks to the 4 blue LEDs that light up when you tap the power button.
  • Lightning cable included: Not many power banks include a MFi-certified Lightning Cable for iPhones, but iXCC includes one with this particular model. Android users can also purchase this power bank without the Lightning cable.


  • 1 amp output: This is enough to charge most smartphones at full speed. It may provide a partial recharge to tablets, but it would be at a slower speed (most tablets require 2 amps to charge at full speed).

Overall, this 3400mAh power bank from iXCC is a convenient on-the-go option for recharging your phone one time, making it ideal for day trips or a full day at a local amusement park, for example.

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