How to Pack and Ship Fragile Items

Have you’ve ever sent something fragile, taken the time to wrap it carefully, write fragile across the box, and then still had it delivered damaged? If the answer is yes, you’ll be pleased to know there is a way to get these items where they need to go safely.

Getting The Packaging Right

The first step is what you’ve done hundreds of times before, packaging the item up as well as possible.

This means you need to locate a box that is as close as possible to the size of the item. The less room there is for the item to move the harder it is for it to get damaged in transit. 

You should any openings in your item with packaging, you can use newspaper or any other type of crumpled up paper. Then, carefully wrap the item in bubble wrap, this is the best material for handling impacts and even spikes into your box.

Once you’ve wrapped it, slide it into your box and fill any remaining space with more packaging material. Again, crumpled newspaper works, as does polystyrene balls, or more bubble wrap. The aim is to prevent any movement of the item inside your box.

You can then add your label to the outside of the box while securing it shut, preferably with reinforced tape. It’s a good idea to put this tape across all the edges, it will make the box stronger.


The real issue is transit, no matter how well you wrap your parcel it’s in the hands of several other people as it transfers from your hands to the sender. They are not going to offer the same level of care as you have with your fragile item.

Of course, choosing a reputable courier service will help to ensure you increase the likelihood of the parcel arriving in one piece.

But, the real secret is to use a damage indicator sticker. 

This is affixed to the outside of your parcel, it has a dark center which will change color if any of the pre-described conditions are broken.

The exact specifications will depend on the sticker you use, you can opt for impact, temperature ranges, stacking height, or several other conditions. 

If the parameters you’ve chosen are exceeding the sticker will change color and your receiver will know to reject it. This places the blame regarding damage squarely with the courier service, allowing you to get compensation if necessary.

The point of this sticker is really to alert the courier service to the fact that the box is being monitored, it will force them t be more careful when handling it. This will dramatically increase the chances of your item arriving in the same condition that you sent it.

Whether you’re just sending something to a friend, or you’re running a business, you need to check out these damage indicators. They can save you thousands of dollars every year and reduce the hassle associated with damaged items in transit.  

Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

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