Have a Very Merry Christmas

If you celebrate, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.  I hope you are enjoying the day with family, friends, or simply enjoying the time to reflect on the past year and where we’re headed in 2016.

We saw a lot of great tech this year, and I’m  very honored that you took the time to explore this tech with me.  We’ve seen power banks go from simply charging our phones to also being powerful enough to jump start our cars.  And we’ve also seen the expansion of wearable technology, including the Apple Watch.  It was also a big year for music, with prices falling on Bluetooth headsets and speakers, allowing us to enjoy our music no matter what we’re doing.

So whatever new “toy” Santa may have brought you this year, I hope it makes your life a little easier and more fun.  And I hope you have the opportunity to spend the holiday with your family and friends (and just not through social media).   Merry Christmas, and happy new year!

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