Halloween Lighting and Music Made Easy by 1ByOne

Need to add some halloween lighting to your Halloween party? How about some spooky music or sound effects? The Bluetooth LED bulb from 1ByOne not only displays virtually any color you want, but it also serves as a Bluetooth speaker!

The bulb is easy to setup. Screw it into a lamp and turn the lamp on. Download the “CHSmartBulb” app to your iPhone or Android device, It will walk you through the rest of the setup process.

Once you have the bulb linked up to your smartphone, you can use the app to adjust the color. Perhaps a dark orange or eerie purple? No problem. Just drag your finger across the color wheel to select the perfect color for the room. There are also flashing and color changing modes available, too!

This bulb not only casts a cool glow wherever you need it, but it can also pump out music as well! And we know a Halloween party would not be complete without Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Just open up the Bluetooth settings on your phone and pair it with the BL_05 device.

Once your phone is paired with the bulb, you can open your favorite music app, like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc. Then queue up some Halloween tunes on your phone and let the party begin! In fact, Pandora even has a station dedicated to Halloween.

So before your next Halloween party, grab this LED bulb and you can take care of the lighting AND the music with one device!

Check out the 1ByOne Bluetooth LED Speaker Bulb on Amazon!

This sponsored post is brought to you by my friends at 1ByOne, an online retailer that strives to help people realize the power of technology to make our lives easier and more fulfilling.


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