GRDE LED Bluetooth Speaker Review

This little Bluetooth speaker puts on its own light show and has its own app, however, controlling it with your smartphone is a little buggy.


  • LED light show: Probably the first thing you’ll notice about this speaker is that there is a large LED panel on the front the speaker. There are several different lighting modes that you can see demonstrated in my video. However, only one of the lighting modes react to the music.
  • Bluetooth: You can connect your phone via Bluetooth and enjoy wireless music streaming.
  • Micro SD card: You can also load MP3 files onto a Micro SD card, insert it in the speaker, and play music locally.
  • Aux input: If you don’t want to go through the Bluetooth process, you can connect an audio cable to the speaker and your phone’s headphone jack.
  • FM Radio: There is also a built-in FM radio in this unit. It announces the station each time your press the forward and back buttons.
  • Water resistant design: There is a flap to protect the charging port and the buttons are underneath the rubberized exterior. So an occasional splash will not disrupt your music.
  • Sound quality: Sound quality is good and the speaker gets loud, but there is minimal bass.


  • App: I downloaded the GRDE app to my iPhone, but I could not use the app to control the speaker. Although I was connected via Bluetooth, the app constantly showed that I was “disconnected” when I attempted to change the lighting modes and music playback modes.

Overall, I really like the LED lights on this speaker as it adds a sort of “party” atmosphere whenever you use it. It gets very loud and it sure to be a conversation piece at your next gathering.

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— Sample provided for review

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