Gear For Your Mud Run

Sadly, the end of summer will soon be upon us, but I got in one last “hurrah” by participating in a mud run this past weekend.  However, things like rocks, water, and — of course — mud generally don’t go well with electronics.  Here are some of the items you might want to consider for your next mud challenge

  • Where to put your key? I found this handy sleeve or Amazon which not only helps ensure that you don’t lose your car key, but also works to wipe the sweat off your brow (well, until the sleeve itself is soaked in mud).
  • How to take photos?  The Kyocera Hydro is an inexpensive, waterproof phone with a somewhat decent camera.  It is mostly only sold for use on prepaid providers, but you could just buy one — and plan to activate it at a later time 🙂 — to use as an inexpensive waterproof camera.
  • How to track your run?  While the FitBit may be “water resistant”, the perils of a mud run may be too much for it.  However, placing it inside a small plastic baggie which is tucked in the sleeve mentioned above can help keep it dry while it tracks your muddy steps!
  • How to change afterwards?  Unfortunately, getting out of your mud soaked clothes behind your car while maintaining your decency is not an easy task, but this pop-up Privacy Tent keeps your strip show to yourself.
  • Gear For Your Mud Run
    Gear For Your Mud Run


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