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Gadget Grab Review
Gadget Grab Review

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The Gadget Grab provides a quick and easy way to prop up your phone or tablet whether your cooking, researching, or simply watching Netflix.


  • Sticky: This product has two sticky surfaces. One side secures it to your desk or table, while the other side sticks to your phone or tablet. The grip is strong and may be too strong at first. You can “weaken” it by pressing it against a cloth to attract some fuzzies. If you ever need to refresh it, you can do so by running it under warm water to rinse it off.
  • Strong: I was surprised to find that it held up my tablet without an issue, even though I thought it would be too heavy.
  • Compact size: When it is not needed, this item folds up to a very compact size. This makes it great to throw in your bag when you need to prop up your phone or tablet while at a coffee shop or at the library.
  • No residue: The Gadget Grab does not leave behind any sticky residue on my gadgets.
  • Two sizes: The package comes with a larger size (shown in my video) for phones and tablets, and a smaller size that is better suited for phones only.


  • No angle adjustment: It is not possible to adjust the angle that this stand holds your gadget.
  • Too sticky at first: When this stand is new (or “renewed” by water), the stickiness can be surprisingly strong, making it difficult to open this stand when it is flipped closed.

Overall, this is a quick and easy way to prop up your phone or tablet. This would come in handy if, for example, you’re working on a report or online class and need a second screen to show your notes or your lecture. This could also come in handy in the kitchen to hold up your device while you read a recipe.

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Very Good

This is a quick and easy way to prop up your phone or tablet. Although the angle cannot be adjusted, it's hard to beat the convenience and portability of this unit.

Last updated on June 9, 2024 3:32 am


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