FitBit Force Adds an External Display to an Already Popular Wristband

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The FitBit One is one of my favorite fitness trackers, and I was intrigued by the FitBit Flex but knew I would miss the step counter display on my One.  The FitBit Force solves this issue.

The FitBit Force is just like the FitBit Flex: it’s a sleek wristband that discreetly tracks your activity throughout the day.  However, the only visual feedback that the Flex provided was through a series of 5 LEDs, with each light indicating that you were 20% closer to your goal.  Unlike the FitBit One, the Flex did not display your number of steps, flights of stairs, and other statistics.  You would need to sync the Flex with your compatible phone or computer in order to review your activity.

The FitBit Force combines the detailed display of the FitBit One with the convenience of the Flex’s wristband design.  What’s interesting is a feature listed as “coming soon” on the FitBit website: the Force will display your incoming phone calls when synced up with your smartphone.  The FitBit Force appears to be testing the waters in the smart watch arena. It will be interesting to see if FitBit begins supporting additional smartphone features in the future, such as displaying text messages or new emails.

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