EveryMove Turns Workouts Into Rewards

After a seemingly never-ending winter, spring has sprung around many parts of the country.  If warmer weather is not motivation enough to get outside and be more active, perhaps earning rewards through EveryMove can give you you the motivation you need to leave the house.

Like the previously mentioned EarndIt site, EveryMove allows you to link up a wide variety of fitness trackers and apps and allows you to earn points based on how active you are.  However, EveryMove has some stronger social integration than EarndIt, allowing you to easily see how active your friends are and to encourage each other through “likes” and commenting.  In addition, if you have a very active day, you can chose to share some of your points with your pals, a feature they refer to as “share the love”.

EveryMove integrates with a wide variety of apps and devices

EveryMove integrates with a wide variety of apps and devices

You can chose to redeem your points for discount to products and services that help support your healthy lifestyle, or you can chose to donate your points to charities such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  EveryMove even partners with certain insurance providers and employers to offer exclusive rewards and reporting.

So if this winter has left you with a bad case of cabin fever, but you need a little push to get back into your walking or running routine, be sure to sign up for EveryMove to track your hard work and get rewarded for your dedication.

Check out EveryMove.org to get started

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