eufy Indoor Cam S350 Indoor Security Camera Review

eufy Security Indoor Cam S350, Dual Cameras, 4K UHD Resolution Security Camera with 8× Zoom and 360° PTZ, Human/Pet AI, Ideal for Baby Monitor/Pet Camera/Home Security, Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6, Plug in


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eufy Indoor Cam S350 Indoor Security Camera Review
eufy Indoor Cam S350 Indoor Security Camera Review
Sharp image and 3x optical (8x digital) zoom
Local Micro SD card storage
On-device motion processing
Built-in siren

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Not only do the dual-cameras on the Eufy Indoor Cam S350 bring some new functionality, but they also make this camera look like a small robot. Underneath the “eyes” you’ll find a semi-hidden cover for the Micro SD card slot. On the front of the unit you’ll find an LED that lights up blue when the camera is active, and on the back you’ll find the speaker.

eufy Indoor Cam S350 Indoor Security Camera


The dual cameras bring you both wide-angle and telephoto (zoom) capabilities. When you access the camera, you initially will see the wide angle view, and then you can zoom in if you want to. You can also pan around the room (360 degrees horizontally and 75 degrees vertically) to get a complete view of what is happening at home. The telephoto lens provides a 3x optical zoom, and with the high resolution sensor, the camera can achieve a 8x digital zoom overall.

When the camera detects motion, it can actually track the motion and pan to capture the moving person or pet. I noticed that when the camera is armed, and I come downstairs at night for a drink of water, it follows me as I walk from the living room to the kitchen, reinforcing the fact that it looks like a cute (if not nosy) little robot.

eufy Indoor Cam S350 Indoor Security Camera

The camera sends a push notification immediately when it detects motion (within 1-2 seconds) which is very impressive. You can disable thumbnail previews in the push notification if you want to ensure nothing from the camera goes to the cloud.

Night vision is also impressive, providing a clear black and white image up to about 30 feet away. The camera is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant (but not the Google Home app), and unfortunately there is no Apple HomeKit support.

Probably my biggest gripe with the Eufy Security cameras is the lack of integration to arm and disarm the cameras. There’s no support for Apple HomeKit, SmartThings, Alexa Guard or IFTTT. So I’ve been using it with a smart plug to cut power to the camera when I’m home. This could possibly corrupt the Micro SD card if it loses power in the middle of a write operation, but so far so good.

Features & Need-to-Knows

  • No cloud fees: You can insert a Micro SD card (up to 128GB) into the camera and the video files are saved locally. The files on the Micro SD card are encrypted, so if someone were to steal the camera, they could not take the card out and view the stored videos. This also means it is a little more difficult to view your recordings, as it can only be done through the Eufy Security app. If you have the HomeBase S380, you can use that for local storage as well.
  • 4K recording: The wide-angle lens can record in 4K quality, while the telephoto lens records in 2K. This allows you to capture a lot of detail in your recordings.
  • Privacy mode: It can be hard to trust that a camera is “off” when it is still connected to power, but Eufy makes it obvious by spinning around and facing the wall when you put it in “Privacy” mode.
  • Sound and crying detection: This Eufy can supplement a baby monitor with its built-in crying detection. You can also have it record for all sounds while you’re away.
  • 5GHz and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi support: Many indoor Wi-Fi cameras I’ve used only support 2.4GHz, so I was happy to see that this camera also supports 5GHz Wi-Fi for a more stable connection.
  • Wall/Ceiling mountable: Eufy includes a bracket for mounting this camera to a wall or the ceiling.
  • No HomeKit support: This camera does not integrate with Apple HomeKit at this time.

Video Review

9.2Expert Score

The Eufy Indoor Cam S350 provides a great, local security option with the ability to literally track your pets while you’re gone. The high resolution dual lens provide a clear view of what’s going on, and it can face the wall when you’re home. I just wish it had some integrations with home security systems of IFTTT to make automating the arming and disarming of the camera easier.

  • Sharp image and 3x optical (8x digital) zoom
  • Local Micro SD card storage
  • On-device motion processing
  • Built-in siren
  • No integrations (HomeKit, IFTTT, etc) to arm and disarm camera


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