ETTG MP02 Levitating Bluetooth Speaker Review

Take your music streaming to new heights with this floating Bluetooth speaker.


  • Levitating effect: Obviously the coolest feature of this speaker is the fact that it levitates above the base station. The base station needs to be connected to AC power in order for the levitation to work. You then gently place the speaker over the center of the base. The 4 red LEDs will guide when it is centered properly: you’ll want to make sure all 4 are lit at the same time. Then slowly let it go and it should levitate (and spin slowly) on its own. The included instructions do recommend powering down the unit if you cannot get it to levitate within 1 minute.
  • LED lights: The speaker also has colorful LEDs built-in and puts on a nice light show. You’ll want to turn these on by pressing the Bluetooth button on the speaker before you put it on the levitating base (otherwise, it is a pain to press it without disturbing the levitation).
  • Sound quality: Bass is not very strong, but the sound quality overall is very good on this speaker. It can also get fairly loud, making it ideal for small parties.
  • Wireless charging: The instructions state that the speaker unit will charge wireless while levitating above the base. Otherwise, you can charge it separately with the included Micro USB cable.


  • Bass: As noted earlier, the bass is not very strong in the speaker, but too much vibration would likely upset the levitation effect anyways.

Overall, this is a very cool effect and definitely makes the unit a nice conversation starter or centerpiece at your next get-together. It takes a little patience to learn how to get the speaker to levitate, but once you get the hang of it, the process is easy.

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— Sample provided for review

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