eMeet Luna Speakerphone Review


$74.99 $119.99

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eMeet Luna Speakerphone Review
eMeet Luna Speakerphone Review
$74.99 $119.99
Supports USB, Wireless Dongle, Bluetooth or AUX connection
Mute button is front and center
Background noise filtering

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If you’re like me, you’re probably working from home now and trying to find the best way to take work calls.

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While the eMeet Luna speakerphone may have been designed for multiple people in conference rooms, I’ve found that it also works great for taking calls by myself in the home office. I can plug it directly into my computer so it’s charged and ready to take calls at any time. I’ve used it several times now through Microsoft Teams and I have had no complaints from the person on the other end. I like the flexibility of the speakerphone as I’m not “tethered” to my desk and can get up and stretch my feet without missing any of the conversations.

The sound quality from the speaker is also very good, in fact, it’s way better than the tinny speakers on my work laptop. However, the speaker is tuned for voice performance, so if you listen to music with it, you will probably find the bass lacking.

The eMeet Luna features a Voice AI feature that helps to filter out background sounds. While I found it was effective for removing the sound of a nearby fan while I was silent, it could still be faintly heard in the background when I was speaking.


I really appreciate that the mute button is front and center and you can easily tell if the unit is muted as all of the LEDs on top turn red. This eliminates the need to frantically search for the mute icon on your computer screen.

The round design makes it easy to place in the middle of the table. It has an aluminum exterior that seems very durable and it shouldn’t mind being tossed around in your work bag. There are also rubber “feet” on the bottom of the unit to prevent it from sliding around the table.

The eMeet Luna can be connected by USB, Wireless Dongle, Bluetooth, or AUX.


  • Multiple connectivity options: You can use the included USB dongle to pair it wirelessly to your computer, or you can use the built-in Bluetooth to connect it to your phone. The included USB-C cable can be used to connect it directly to your computer where it should show up as a regular audio device. An AUX cable connection is also available.
  • Voice AI: As noted earlier, this can help filter out background noise such as fans, keyboards, coffee shop conversations, etc, but it’s not perfect.
  • 3 mics: It didn’t seem to matter which way I had the eMeet Luna turned in relation to my mouth. It picked up my voice regardless.
  • Dedicated mute button: I like that the mute button is larger than the other buttons and that the red LEDs make it easy to tell when you’re muted.
eMeet Luna’s wireless USB dongle can be stored on the bottom of the unit.

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If you're fed up with the quality of the microphone and speakers built-in to your laptop, the eMeet Luna is an easy upgrade with flexible connectivity options (USB, dongle, Bluetooth or AUX) regardless if you're on Windows or Mac. The dedicated mute button with accompanying LEDs make it easy to verify you are muted.

  • Supports USB, Wireless Dongle, Bluetooth or AUX connection
  • Mute button is front and center
  • Background noise filtering
  • Some background noise still gets picked up


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