Dragon Touch i10X Tablet PC Review

Dragon Touch i10X Tablet PC Review

UPDATE: Check out my review of the Windows 10 version of the i10x.

Although I’m not a fan of Windows 8, I like that this Dragon Touch i10X tablet provides many of the capabilities of a full laptop computer. It even includes a free year of Office 365, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


  • Processor: The included Atom Quad Core gives you laptop-like power in a tablet. It features 4 cores at 1.33 GHz, giving this tablet snappy performance and helps make it very responsive. I was pleasantly surprised to find that web pages loaded very quickly and the lag was minimal while scrolling. Apps also launched very quickly and playback of HD YouTube videos was very smooth.
  • 2GB RAM: The RAM also helps with performance as the more RAM that a device has, the more applications can run quickly at the same time. 2GB is the higher end for many tablets (the current iPad Air 2 also sports 2GB of RAM). Again, I was impressed by how fluid and quick it was to switch between apps on the tablet.
  • 64GB of storage (about 45GB usable): This refers to how many apps, documents, photos, music files, etc you can store directly on the device. If this isn’t not enough, you can expand the storage of this tablet with an inexpensive Micro SD card (up to 32 GB).
  • 10.1″ IPS Screen: This display on this tablet is very nice. Colors are rich and onscreen text is crisp and sharp. IPS means that the screen is viewable from the side or at an angle (older screens would look “washed out” unless you were viewing them head on, but that’s not a problem with this tablet). The display is widescreen, so web pages may look too narrow when the tablet is held in portrait mode.
  • Windows 8.1: Although I’m not a huge fan of Windows 8.1, I know that a lot of people use it and are (somewhat) familiar with it. This tablet comes with the “real” Windows 8.1 (not the limited Windows RT version) which allows you to run many familiar programs, like Microsoft Office, on this tablet. In fact, this tablet comes with a 1-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365, which gives you Word, Excel, and PowerPoint free for one year. I will say that using Windows 8.1 on a tablet such as the Dragon Touch has been a better experience for me than using it on a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Dragon Touch i10X Side ViewIncluded keyboard: Typing on the on-screen keyboard of most tablets can be a pain. Tablet Express includes a keyboard that helps make typing emails and documents a lot easier. The tablet connects magnetically to the keyboard. The keys feel like normal laptop keys (not squishy silicon buttons) and typing feels natural on it.
  • Included case: The case can prop up the screen to a comfortable reading level. The keyboard is also built into the case. There is also a magnetic closure to help keep everything secure while you’re on the move.
  • Build quality: This tablet is definitely thicker and heavier than the iPad Air 2, but it is still very portable and, even with the included keyboard and case, is easier to carry and transport than a full laptop. The tablet is lightweight and, when removed from the case, the soft, matte back is comfortable to hold.
    2 cameras: There is a front-facing camera as well as a more powerful camera on the back. This is usual for making Skype calls or taking photos, although the photo quality won’t compete with most point-and-shoot or even iPhone cameras.
  • Pre-applied screen protectors: This is a big “PRO” for me, because installing screen protectors can be a pain. I was happy to see that Tablet Express had already applied a screen protector to this unit. Be careful when removing the instructional overlay from the screen as the real screen protector will be underneath it. My protector did have some specks of dust under them, but they are not really noticeable when the screen is on. I will get around to removing them eventually. This can be done by using a piece of tape to lift up one edge of the protector, then using another piece of tape that is rolled up to go in a “pluck” out the piece of dust.


  • Non-standard charging cable: While this tablet has a Micro USB port, it cannot be used for charging. You will need to use the included 2.5mm barrel charger plug to use with this unit. If you’re prone to losing chargers like I am, you’ll be happy to know that Tablet Express sells additional chargers on Amazon.
  • Sound: There are two speakers located on the back. The sound quality is not the best and is a little “tinny”, so you will likely want to use headphones or external speakers if you plan to listen to music. This device does have Bluetooth that can be used for wireless listening.

Overall, I am very impressed by the performance of the Dragon Touch i10X. It is very responsive to my touches and swipes and has a great form factor for both reading and playing games, or for connecting it to the keyboard to get some work done. The display is bright and vivid, and the included 1-year subscription to Office 365 provides the familiar Word, Excel, and PowerPoint programs.

Dragon Touch i10X Tablet PC

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