Dell 24″ IPS LED FHD FreeSync USB-C S2422HZ Monitor Review



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Dell 24″ IPS LED FHD FreeSync USB-C S2422HZ Monitor Review
Dell 24″ IPS LED FHD FreeSync USB-C S2422HZ Monitor Review
One USB-C connection for power, display, speakers and camera
Great picture
Windows Hello camera

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Probably the standout feature for this monitor (Model S2422HZ) is the fact that it basically has the functionality of a USB-C hub built into it!  With just one USB-C cable (included), you can connect this monitor to a compatible laptop in order to:

  • Extend the display to this monitor
  • Charge your laptop
  • Add a Windows Hello-compatible webcam and microphone
  • Add speakers (built-in to this Dell monitor)
  • Add two USB devices (such as a keyboard or mouse) using the 2 USB ports on the monitor

This is extremely convenient for hybrid work and learning from home, as when you want to work from home, you can simply connect the USB-C cable to your (hopefully) compatible work laptop and get a full desktop experience.  Then if your significant other or child needs to connect their (hopefully) compatible laptop to work at the same desk, swapping is just a matter of unplugging the USB-C cable from one laptop and plugging in the next.

So which computers are compatible? You’ll probably need to Google the technical specs of your laptop to see if it supports DisplayPort 1.2 via USB-C.  Most modern Dell laptops with a USB-C port seem to work, but there is no rule that states that a manufacturer must support DisplayPort if they include a USB-C port on a machine.

The USB-C cable also supports charging via the Power Delivery standard up to 65 watts. Even if your laptop came with a more powerful charger (such as a 100-watt charger), it might still accept a smaller charge over USB-C at a slower rate. Again, you may need to Google the specs of your laptop because there is no definite rule that a USB-C port must support charging.

Dell monitor with Microsoft Surface 8 Pro


The display on this monitor is vivid and clear and both photos and movies look great on it. The IPS panel allows the display to look sharp even when it is at an angle. And the monitor can be set to a low 4ms refresh rate for casual gaming.  Just note that this is not a 4K monitor as it maxes out at a 1080 resolution.

I tested this monitor with the Dell G15 gaming laptop (which came with a 100-watt charger) and although it didn’t seem to indicate that it was charging, it seemed to discharge at a slower rate. The display, camera, and USB devices connected to the monitor all worked correctly regardless. Testing this monitor with the new Surface Pro 8 tablet produced similar results and did indeed activate the charging indicator in Windows.

The built-in webcam can be lowered into the monitor for privacy when not in use. When you’re ready to make a video call, simply press down on it to pop it up. The video quality is great in bright lighting conditions but does become very grainy in low light. If you have a relatively dark home office, you may need to add a light ring to your setup to get the best picture quality. 

The speakers are fine for online meetings, but they can sound tinny and are not great for music due to their lack of bass.

9.3Expert Score

Although this monitor is pricier than many other 24-inch monitors, it does include a USB-C hub and Windows Hello hardware that could cost a couple hundred extra if purchased separately.  The display, charging, webcam, and USB ports work great, but you’ll need to make sure your laptop supports DisplayPort and Power Delivery via USB-C in order to take advantage of all of the features.

  • One USB-C connection for power, display, speakers and camera
  • Great picture
  • Windows Hello camera
  • Speakers not ideal for music
  • USB-C on laptop must meet certain requirements

Dell - 24" IPS LED FHD FreeSync Compatible Monitor (DisplayPort, HDMI, USB) - Silver

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