CHOETECH Nylon Braided Lightning Cable Review

Looking for a more durable alternative to Apple’s Lightning cable for your iPhone?  Check out Choetech’s Nylon Braided cable.


  • Rugged nylon: This cable should stand up to more abuse than regular cords. I keep a similar nylon cable in my car as the temperature fluctuations seems to make regular plastic cables become brittle in no time. The nylon cable has held up much better.
  • No errors: I did not receive any incompatibility messages on my iPhone running iOS 9 while using these cables. Charging speed seemed to be the same as my original Apple cable.
  • Aluminum connectors: Both the USB connector and the Lightning connector are made of durable aluminum.


  • Larger connector: The Lightning connector is larger than the original Apple Lightning cable, so it may not fit in all cases.

Overall, this is a great cable with durable nylon and nice aluminum connectors. It should definitely hold to more abuse than the original Apple cable.

Check out the Choetech Lightning Cable on Amazon. 

— Sample provided for review

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