Charger Review: ZeroLemon 5 Port Super Charger

I don’t believe you can ever have too many chargers, and this handy device combines 5 USB ports into one outlet.


  • 2 high-powered ports: 2 of the 5 ports are marked as “Super Charger” and can supply up to 2.4 amps of power, making them suitable for tablets.  These ports can also adapt to lower power requirements if need be.  In my video, you can see that these ports provided the same amount of power as my original iPad charger according to my USB voltmeter.
  • 3 regular ports: The other 3 ports, marked “Universal”, can supply 1 amp of power.  I actually prefer this, as there is an article on Popular Mechanics titled “Can I Use the Same Power Adapter for iPhone and iPad?” where Steve Sandler, founder and CTO of AEI Systems, states that if an iPhone designed to tolerate 1 amp is routinely exposed to 2 amps, the system could be stressed over time.  So if this concerns you, you can use the Universal ports to charge your iPhone and save the Super Charger ports for your tablet.  In my video, you can see the 1 amp ports correctly provide 1 amp even though the iPad could use more.
  • Doesn’t block outlets: The plug is mounted so that this charger doesn’t block the other outlet while in use.
  • Compact design: The power plug is built-in to an already compact charger, making it great for travel.
  • Subtle blue LED indicator: This may seem trivial, but some chargers have a super bright LED indicator that seems to light up the entire room while you’re trying to sleep.  That’s not a problem with this charger.



  • Reset required if using Apple AND Samsung devices: This probably doesn’t affect many people, but if you’re charging an Apple device in one of the Super Charger ports and then try to charge a Samsung device using the same port (or vice versa), you need to reset the controller but unplugging the charger and plugging it back in.

Overall, this is a great, compact charger that allows you to charge 2 tablets and 3 smartphones (or GPS units, Bluetooth speakers, etc) at the same time.  The ports are clearly marked making it easy to see which port is ideal for the device you need to charge.

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