Case Review: Slicoo Dual-Layer TPU Case for iPhone 6

If you’re active lifestyle makes you worry if your iPhone 6 will hold up to your abuse, Slicoo’s Dual-Layer TPU Case will help protect it in style.


  • Inner silicone soft case: The inside of this case is made of soft silicone. This helps absorb shocks and prevent scratches that a hard inner layer could cause.
  • Harder outside cover: There is a somewhat more rigid TPU outer shell that helps prevent bends and provides more structural support to the case. It is also very smooth which makes it easy to take in and out of my pocket.
  • Covered buttons: The power and volume buttons are covered by the soft silicone layer. They are still easy to press and use.
  • Camera protection: There is a lip around the camera opening that helps prevent the camera lens from touching the surface when the phone is set down on its back.
  • Apple logo cutout: The Apple logo on the back of your phone will still show through the case.
  • Big Lightning port cutout: The cutout for the Lightning port is larger than some other cases I’ve seen. The original Lightning cable works fine. However, if you have a third party Lightning cable with a large Lightning connector, it may still not fit.


  • Bulk: Since there are two layers of protection on this case, you will notice that your phone feels a little bit bulkier, but this is expected.

Overall, this is a nice looking case the offers two layers of protection for your iPhone 6.


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