Bluetooth Headphones Review: TheFancy Bluetooth 4.0 Earbuds

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If you’re looking for a pair of high quality Bluetooth earbuds for working out or simply hanging out around the house, I think you’ll be impressed by these earbuds from TheFancy.


  • Comfort: These earbuds are very lightweight and the minimal design makes them great for almost any activity.  The cord sits nicely behind my neck.  The “fins” on the earbuds fit comfortably in my ear to help secure them in place and create that “seal” to the ear canal (which is necessary to good bass!).  There are also extra tips included, as well as a second set of “fins”, so you can find the correct fit for your ear.
  • Sound quality: I’m very impressed with the sound quality of these earbuds.  The treble is rich (not tinny) and the bass is deep and prominent.  The volume goes fairly high which is good for drowning out the vacuum or lawn mower.
  • Remote: The small, in-line remote allows you to control your music and volume.  The remote adds very little weight to the cord (and it does not end up whacking me in the face when I’m working out).
  • Phone calls and voice recognition: The microphone is built-in to the remote and allows you to take phone calls while you’re wearing the earbuds.  If you get an incoming call, you can even answer it by saying “yes” instead of pressing buttons.  This is the first pair of earbuds I’ve used that does this!
  • Voice announcements: When I first powered on the earbuds, a pleasant female voice talked me through the pairing process.   This takes the guesswork out of trying to decipher blinking lights and beeps that I’ve seen on other Bluetooth earbuds.
  • Siri: You can invoke Siri with these earbuds by holding the middle button until you hear two tones, at which time you can let go of the button and give Siri your request.
  • Charging: These earbuds can be charged with a standard Micro USB connection, so there’s no special charger to keep track of.  The charge level of these earbuds also show on the iOS status bar.


  • Staying in place while running: This seems to be a common issue with virtually all earbuds.  While the included “fins” do help secure them in place, the weight of the cord will eventually jiggle the earbuds loose slightly while you’re running.  Therefore, you may need to occasionally push that back into your ear while you’re running. However, these do stay in place better than other units I’ve used, so some people may not have an issue with this.

Other thoughts:

  • Sometimes when I get an incoming call or use Siri, the volume will be louder than the music I was playing.  I’ve noticed this on other Bluetooth headphones and speakers as well, so I believe this is more of a setting on the phone (that I have yet to find) and not necessarily on the earbuds.

Overall, I am very impressed with the sound quality of these small earbuds. They are great for sealing out distractions at work and for working out at the gym.  The voice recognition is also a very nice feature that works well for handling phone calls.

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