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New choices besides Amazon and AliExpress — Welcome to the Official shop of XIDU

XIDU, as an emerging brand that has attracted much attention overseas, has its own shops on platforms such as Amazon and AliExpress. In order to further ...

XIDU PhilBook Pro-the most affordable laptop

The PhilBook series of XIDU, one of the emerging tech companies based in Shenzhen, China, have been popular among oversea customers since their release. ...

How to Pack and Ship Fragile Items

Have you’ve ever sent something fragile, taken the time to wrap it carefully, write fragile across the box, and then still had it delivered damaged? If the ...

Shipping Damage Prevention: How to Protect Goods in Transit

Damage caused in transit causes businesses millions of dollars every year. The problem often revolves around who is to blame. It is very difficult for a ...

Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless Headphones

Headphones have become a trend among the masses. It not only makes people go crazy for exciting sound but it also makes their travel joyful. While going to the ...

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