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Your Next Perfect Laptop in 2019

This sponsored post is brought to you by our friends at XIDU, a professional brand of computing products, especially skilled in 2-in-1 laptop and tablet. I ...

5 Tips for Fixing Common Computer Problems

You hate to see it: you’re working on an important document, and all of a sudden, the screen goes black and you have no idea why. Or, maybe you’re trying to ...

XIDU Tour Pro Sale Promotion

XIDU is an emerging professional brand of innovative laptops it was established in 2014, situated in Shenzhen, China. XIDU products consistently go ...

Innovation in the Computer Industry – A Flagship Laptop of XIDU in 2019

The XIDU Tour Pro, a flagship product of XIDU in 2019, is featured by a 12.5-inch screen with 2560×1440 resolution and in-plane switching (IPS) monitor ...

XIDU September Flash Sale for 2019

Seek the most affordable laptops with excellent performance? Take advantage of the great 2019 Flash Sale launched by XIDU now! XIDU company, a ...

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