Apple Watch Series 4 Features New Ways to Monitor Your Health

At today’s keynote, Apple not only announced the new iPhone XS and XS Max, but also some interesting new health monitoring features in the Apple Watch Series 4.

New Heart Irregularity Monitoring

The Apple Watch Series 4 now more closely monitors your heart and can alert you to irregularities.  If it detects an irregular heart rhythm, it will alert you so you know when you should see a doctor.

Built-in ECG

By touching your finger to the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown, the Apple Watch Series 4 can take an ECG reading in 30 seconds and let you know if it’s normal (sinus rhythm) or if it shows signs of atrial fibrillation and needs to be examined by a doctor.

Fall Detection

The Apple Watch Series 4 is also capable of detecting when you fall and can display a prompt to call for help.  And if you’re unresponsive for a 1 minute after the fall, the Apple Watch will automatically call emergency services and notify your emergency contacts.

watchOS 5

Even if you’re not getting a brand new Apple Watch, the watchOS 5 update brings new health features as well:

  • Automatic Workout Detection: Your Apple Watch will detect when you’re working out and offer to start a workout.
  • Activity Competitions: You can challenge your Apple Watch-wearing friends to a friendly 7 day competition to close your Activity ring.
  • Pace Alerts: When running, you can select a target pace and Apple Watch will tap your wrist to let you know when you’re above or below that pace.
  • New Activity Tracking: watchOS 5 also includes new tracking features for yoga and hiking.

I’ve very happy to see Apple’s emphasis on our health in their latest version of the Apple Watch. The new heart detection features can give someone any early warning that something is wrong as they would likely would never know otherwise.

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